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W’sup people, first-time theorist, so I’ll start with the obligatory apology in case a similar theory has been posted. In fact, it’s probably more of an observation than a theory, but I thought I’d put it out there. I’ll try to stick to the facts and keep it short(ish) lol! And I’ll be calling MiB posing as fake Locke the “Locke-alike” if u all don’t mind, coz I like it! Anyways…

I'm intrigued by the possibility that Jacob is actually an antagonist in the Jacob/ MiB feud… I say 'an' antagonist because there's a possibility that they're 'both as bad as each other'. There's no doubt that MiB is an antagonist in a big way, but he doesn't hide his true colours – yet he does, at the same time… and this forms the basis of this ‘observation’.

Throughout 5 seasons, we’ve witnessed the journey of John Locke (as well as other characters of course), but focus specifically on the story of how MiB has come to assume his form and it’s apparent that we know that Locke-alike is not who/ what he seems. And all the Losties know it, since they know the real Locke is dead. Locke-alike isn’t denying this. In fact, Locke-alike (even back as MiB) seems to tell truth but in a deceptive way… and lies (in a truthful way, maybe?). Sometimes, even at the same time, somehow! Just one example:

CINDY: What happened to the people in the temple?
LOCKE-ALIKE: The Smoke Monster killed them.

It’s as if he tells the truth to deceive, yet lies to make you believe.

Even when he tells Sawyer that he himself is the SM, you wonder why he’s telling him. It’s a con, yet it’s true. But I digress, so I’ll get back to the point… MiB/ Locke-alike doesn’t hide the fact that there is more to everything than meets the eye. Himself. The Cave. The Candidates. As he said to a bewildered Richard, he would have never kept those things secret from his followers, things that Richard should have known (or should he?). It SEEMS like he was being truthful – he revealed all this to Sawyer. Why? In order to get what he wants, which IMO is not quite what he says it is… therein lies the lie, but said in an honest way. Huh? (Well, it depends on what he means by the phrase “go home”.)

Now it’s obvious that this show has an overall umbrella theme of duality, I don’t need to give examples and insult anyone’s intelligence here. We can see that Jacob and MiB are at opposite ends on seemingly everything, down to their philosophies, methods… appetites, wardrobes lol! But beneath that thin surface, they are ALSO REMARKABLY SIMILAR. Different, yet the same… it’s that ol’ Yin/Yang connection again, as always.

Jacob’s manner of doing things is just as deceptive albeit in a different way, and it might be for the greater good (or is it?) but it seems that bad things tend to have happened. Especially off Island in the real world of the Losties… they’ve each gone through a lot, and all ended up on the Island – BROUGHT there by Jacob, I might add. But I think my thoughts on Jacob’s ‘manipulations’ – or his little nudges to affect destinies – should be addressed another time, or we’ll be here all day lol!

Now I’m not necessarily saying that Jacob is evil and MiB’s good, but when you compare them on a complementary scale on different levels, they do seem to have similar yet opposing qualities. Just a couple of examples for sake of brevity:

Jacob cares for the human race, MiB doesn’t give a…
MiB/ Locke-alike APPEARS to care about his ‘recruits’, almost like a family (yeah, coz he wants to achieve his goal), while Jacob (personally) leaves them to fend for themselves once they reach the Island.

Jacob doesn’t kill, MiB does (especially as Smokey).
MiB doesn’t bring people to the Island, knowing most of them will die – in fact, he doesn’t want them brought there… while Jacob does (both statements).

Jacob has affected the destinies of all the Candidates at one point in each of their lives and they have all ended up on the Island (fate) through the choices that they have made (free will)… yet doesn’t interfere at all once they’re on the Island (free will) so that they can figure out their own destiny (fate).
… yet…
MiB/ Locke-alike gives choices, yeah (free will), but ‘help me or die’ isn’t really a choice – if you want to live, of course - is it? (fate) Even then, if it is true that MiB leaving means “we all go to hell” then the ones that help him… and the world in general… either won’t be alive or won’t be free – as in claimed (fate); but the ones that oppose him, if successful, could avert that and ‘save the world’ as it were, from death or bondage/ slavery – and so uphold free will.

But both of them never give the people involved in their ‘game’ an option to not participate… Jacob never asked any of his Candidates “hey, do you want a holiday? You might end up dead, though…” (but funnily enough, I could picture MiB/ Locke-alike saying it!), and Locke-alike effectively told the Temple Others – via Sayid – to join him or else… leave by sundown or die… it’s closing time, get out or get Lost!

Before I wrap this up, I just want to say that I loved the Ab Aeterno episode, and of course the mannerisms and reactions of both Jacob and MiB were interesting to watch… especially Jacob’s, specifically (but not solely) his scenes with Richard, but even more specifically the two times he was confronted by the notion that he is “the devil”.

1) Richard is on the ground after Jacob “White Rock-y” Marciano beats him down in the first round…

JACOB: Did you meet a man in the jungle dressed in black? [Richard says yes] What did he tell you?
RICHARD: He said you are the devil.
JACOB: [Pause] … And?

RICHARD: He said the only way for me to see my wife again, is if I kill you…

Now, during that pause, there is a close up of Jacob’s face as he looks at Richard for a couple of seconds. Is he merely taking in what has just been said… or is he thinking fast? Or even thinking ‘uh-oh’? (We know this show… they aren’t gonna do a close-up on Jacob’s face at a moment that it’s implied that he’s the devil – with THAT kind of look – for no reason! Either it’s to show us something, or it’s a bluff… or double bluff… I could go on.) Then he says “… And?”

Now if you add Richard’s next line, where he says about killing Jacob to see his wife, that “…And?” seems like a perfectly innocent query, such as “and what else did he say?” But forget about Richard’s line (that’s why I left the gap) and see it as an answer to Richard’s statement, and it’s like he’s either saying “…And? What do you think/ What are your thoughts?”… or even “…And? SO WHAT?”. Either way, he doesn’t answer - for now – and that look was damn shady if you ask me! But like I said, it could be designed to foil us.

2) The second time, Richard has just been given the cup of wine. He looks at the cup, then at Jacob and asks directly:

RICHARD: [while Jacob is sipping his wine] Are you the devil?
JACOB: [stops sipping… pauses, probably while swallowing his wine – but it looks like he is smiling in a weird way, and thinking about his answer for a second. He then looks sideways at Richard – yet also directly at his face – and replies…] No.

I’m sorry, but for a character – and a show – that is sooo cryptic and obscure with answers, that was a VERY direct and blatant one! The pause, expression and look just made it seem all the more suspicious to me. I don’t buy it… yet I do! I don’t believe he is the devil – as in Richard’s/ religion’s concept of it – but I believe he is not as benevolent as he makes himself out to be.

It’s as if he tells the truth to deceive, yet lies to make you believe.

And I think you can all see where I’m going with my point.

All I'm saying is that if Jacob IS as slippery a devil AS HE SEEMS NOT TO BE, then it would be the greatest trick he ever pulled on all of us viewers... even the ones who suspect it like me, coz I'm still wondering. And I will also say the same for Locke-alike, but WE KNOW HE'S NOT WHO OR WHAT HE APPEARS TO BE... And THAT could be the greatest clue that TPTB could ever have given us as to the nature of Jacob, since he is the yang to MiB's yin.

As we all know, there are/ will be twists and turns that loop back into and around each other on this show... and Jacob = 'good', MiB = 'bad' just doesn't sit right with me... you know it won't be that straightforward. But then the twist could be... maybe it is!
But if there’s one thing we definitely know about Lost, it’s that nothing is as simple as black & white.

Thanks to all for taking the time to read this, please feel free to leave your thoughts, for or against – just make ‘em constructive please, that’s how we learn and ‘make progress’.

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