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Alright here's what I think. And it's just what I think, so I'd love to hear y'alls opinions. We've seen Flocke/MIB lie. We've seen Jacob lie. They've both done it to manipulate people either throughout their lies or presently for their own gain. And at the end of tonight's episode, we see Flocke and Flayid join forces. Now Sayid supposedly died for two hours and was brought back by someone, but not Dugan (or is it Dogan?). Flocke wants people to come with him, we don't know why yet but he says to get off the island because it's not special. Others speculate it is for some other reason. Jacob has brought others to the island, and some as candidates to "watch over" the island, and HAS lied to them and/or held things back from them as well.

So what I think is that Jacob and MIB were equals at one point, and somehow Jacob overcame MIB for control of the island. Then MIB went into "If I can't have it, then you can't either." But MIB couldn't be allowed to leave either, because that would expose the island to the world and that's all folks when it comes to the Island. MIB knows he can't have the island anymore, but doesn't want Jacob to have it so not only is he going to try and leave the island, he's going to ruin it for Jacob and his people.

So neither is good, neither is evil, in my opinion.

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