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I don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet but I think that it warrants pointing out. When Jack and Hurley go to the Lighthouse, they come across a dial that has the candidates names written around the outside. Going by this, one could accurately assume that there are/were 360 candidates. As of this point in time, only 5 candidates remain. So Jacob has spent his existence bringing these 360 people to the island throughout time to see if they are THE candidate. I guess its not really a theory but more of an observation. Perhaps they relate to Latitude/Longitude coordinates? I don't really know. Let me know what you're thoughts are on this. I am very curious to see what others opinions are.

In an unrelated thought. I do not believe that Widmore is evil. I full heartedly believe that he is working for Jacob and has always been working for him. for example the staging of the 815 wreckage was most likely done so that people wouldn't go looking for the survivors because they NEEDED to be on the island and stay there. That is why he helped Locke get everyone back, why he had keamy blow up the frieghter, and countless other examples of his meddling. The survivors cannot leave because they are candidates and Widmore knows this.

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