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The rules of the game by incisorcist


1) You can choose to go. The life you go to will give you what you are searching for, or what you have lost.

2) If you choose to go, you can never come back.

3) You will have no memory of who you used to be. A fleeting sense of deja vu, maybe, but no memory.

4) Management reserves the right to bring the “other you” back into the game (or to an island) at their discretion, and if this happens, YOU MUST PLAY AGAIN.

5) You can choose to stay. If you choose to stay, you are removed from the game, or you can win the game.

6) No one has ever won the game (yet).


The man in black said it always ends the same. He has seen the same rotating cast of people again and again. Each time they are someone else, but each time they make the same choices, particularly in the end game. Each person has lost something or wants something. Each person must choose to get what they want, knowing that "what they want" involves stealing the life of their doppelganger in some other world, and erasing who they used to be. What they don't know, is that if they make that selfish choice, they will end up on the island again anyway, again and again and again, until the TWO ENDGAME PLAYERS, whomever they may be (and they've changed over the years, like pieces on a chessboard) BOTH sacrifice the "good life" for the lives they've lived badly. Only then can the game end. Jacob and the MIB are two former "winners" (perhaps MIB is a former "loser") and as such, oversee the current game.

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