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Name of MIB is Jacob by TheFifthToe

In the last episode of season 5 we meet Jacob and the "Man In Black" on the beach. I believe we don't know his name because it is Jacob!

Dogen said in 'Sundown' that "each man has a scale, good on one side and evil on the other'.When Fake Locke took Sawyer to the cave there was only one scale and since Jacob was dead, Fake Locke threw the stone in the Ocean. Because now only the 'evil' side of Jacob exists.
I believe that Jacob and MIB are the same person. "Two sides of the same coin" . That is the reason MIB couldn't kill Jacob. He had to have Ben do it. He couldn't kill the good side of himself. Also in every reference to Fake Locke that Carlton and Damon have made, they refer to him as being the smoke monster rather than saying he is posessed by the Man In Black. They can't really explain it now I think, it would flip everyone out that Jacob and the MIB may be both part of the same being. Its just a thought thats been rattling around in my head .

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