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My favorite thing about LOST is when they give us pieces to put together. Often pieces we forgot about. In Dr. Linus we saw that Charles Widmore has returned to the Island and he’s got people with him and they’re ready…ready for war most likely. Back in The Little Prince Sawyer, Juliet, Locke, Miles, Charlotte and Daniel came ashore to the losties beach and it was sometime after Ajira 316 had crashed. We know because of the water bottle found in the outrigger. This was likely the vessel of Illana and her crew. They also found much of the supplies on the beach had been taken or consumed. This could be from the Illand group that is now hunkering down on the beach. The Sawyer group later takes that outrigger planning to paddle around to the Orchid…suddenly they are fired upon by an unidentifiable group in a small vessel behind them. Juliet returns fire and seems to knock one of them out. We have not been a! ble to figure out who these people are yet…until now! Given the time frame we know this is, post-316 crash, I think we can surmise that these are Widmore’s guys. What they are there for remains to be seen.

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