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Has anyone else noticed that the general trend towards the Flash Sideway's have those that appear to have sided with Jacob being relatively happy and those that appear to have sided with MIB being depressing?

Think about it: Jack has a son and, despite initially having daddy issues, patches things up by the end of his episode. He’s also no longer an alcoholic. Ben finally chooses Alex over power, something which we can argue he never really wanted anyway. Not to mention that he now has a better relationship with his father.

On the other hand, it seems to me that Sayid, Kate and Claire have had nothing but problems in their flash sideways. Kate is still a fugitive of the law, Sayid still kills people and is not with Nadia and the deal Claire made with the parents fell through. Although there is still potential for happiness in these stories, it seems as if they are not going getting happy endings off island.

It could be argued that Locke’s flash sideways was relatively happy, given that he is now with Helen and he has finally accepted being in a wheelchair. However, I do not believe he would apply to these rules anyway, seeing as he is no longer making his own decisions and the MIB has fully taken over his body.

It will be interesting to see if this trend continues.


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