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The Last Candidate by The Tattooed Man

This is not a spoiler, just a theory that I came up with back in season 2. The Light/Dark storyline has always been on my mind throughout the shows tenure. On a side note, I always thought it would be Walt for some reason. I guess they changed their mind along the way, since he aged drastically. Please Enjoy!

The Last Candidate

Jacob appears at the wedding and offers wise words, and touched both Jin Sushi Kwon and Sun Paik…
Technically, 42 should be Jin Kwon, however they were both touched, and came to this special island, and had a child when it was impossible. This tells me, that there is a little secret regarding that Last Candidate.

Ji Yeon Kwon

Sun Paik goes missing. Ji Yeon’s crying for mommy, and she’s nowhere to be found. Grand Ma and Grand Pa Paik,
put out an APB on Sun. Charles Widmore an old business associate of Mr Paik, pays a visit and explains that he knows where their daughter and daughter’s husband is, and NEEDS to take little Ji Yeon to the island, because she is the Last Candidate.

After Jin Sushi and Sun are reunited for the last time (Thank Hell), good old Charlie Widmore say’s I got your daughter back at the sub. You can say your goodbye to her. And Claire you can say goodbye to your son Aaron, he’s on the sub too! There will be some conflict and I dont know how, but Everyone’s leaving, and Ji Yeon and Aaron got to stay.

Ji Yeon Kwon. The Child of Light. The Impossible Child born from Love,becomes the new Goddess, and Life, Love and fertility are brought back to the island.

Enter the Child of Darkness. Aaron Littleton. A child predicted by a psychic to be pure evil, and needing his mother’s goodness that was never given. . A child who was prophesized to be baptized in a dream, yet was never fulfilled since Mr. Ecko was not a real priest. This voids the baptism.
A child passed around since his birth, from mother, to kate, to grandmother only knows pure confusion and hatred. A true gift. Visited by a stranger one day (Widmore), and told he is special, and taken away onto a submarine to a special place where his mommy is.

Aaron Littleton. The Child Of Darkness. The Bastard Child born from hatred and negativity. A child never knowing his true mother and father, being passed around from person to person, developing the true nature of hatred and Evil, becomes the new God, and Death and Hatred remain on the island as opposite of light.

Now you know who is in the caves!

The final scene:

Ji Yeon and Aaron, playing on the beach near the caves in a sort of Eden like setting as Adam and Eve.

The Circle.

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