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Hey everyone, here are just some thoughts of the journey I think the show will eventually take...

I believe that ever since the Season5 beach scene (with Jacob and Smokey) the writers have clearly indicated the shape of things to come. In an attempt to summarise the show in one sentence (which is impossible):

It would seem that the whole of LOST has been an elaborate plan by Jacob to find a new protector for the island, by bringing different candidates to the island over thousands of years. We have been watching the last "phase" of candidates arrive on the island and begin their epic voyage.

Smokey recently said he had a mother just like everyone else and that when he was growing up he h ad some “growing pains” (being turned into the smoke entity for some crime he committed). I propose that both Jacob and Smokey are Cain and Abel, brothers and the two sons of the Adam and Eve bodies that are referenced so much in the show. In terms of the history of the world, it’s believed to be approx 4,000 years ago when man and woman were first on the Earth. This fits in nicely with the LOST timeline. Which starts at: If both Jacob and Smokey were on the island at around 4000BC, the ancient Egyptians perhaps settled and built (statue of Taweret) on the island at 2000BC, followed shortly by the Black Rock (carrying Richard) in 1800BC, then Dharma in the 80’s and finally with our Losties in 00.

So what is the Island? I think it is a metaphor for the Garden of Eden. It needs protecting from all the bad that surrounds the earth and plays a heavy role in influencing the outside world. It definitely embodies a mysterious aura around it which has attracted civilizations to settle over centuries and abuse the power it possess to "fight, destroy and corrupt".

I think the ALT plays an important role in the show, and that so far, it shows the true nature of our Losties. Notice how Ben makes the correct decision and doesn’t blackmail the Principle of the school, which is mirrored on the island, where he decides to go with Ilana (Jacob’s team) as opposed to Smokey. Furthermore, Sayid ultimately chooses to kill the man who his brother owes money to, even though he didn’t have to. This again is shown on the island where he kills Dogen and sides with Smokey.

I think the most likely scenario is that Jack will become the protector of the island at the end, or that he will make a sacrifice in order to save the Island. He has been one of the key characters since the pilot and always had the best intentions at heart.

So, in summation, LOST is the backgammon game referenced all the way back in the pilot, good vs evil, white vs black, the age old biblical tale with a big dose of science as it tackles many philosophical questions. I believe LOST will be remembered as one of the greatest shows ever made.

Thanks for reading and please comment :D

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