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The Double-Locked Cabin by BriarRose

We now know that Widmore's sub has a double-locked cabin. So what---or should I say, who---is imprisoned on the sub, and why?

I think the most obvious answer is Desmond Hume. The whole "secret bomb" thing has been done to death, so I don't think Widmore's just bringing a bomb. We last saw Widmore standing outside Desmond Hume's hospital, we know the Island isn't done with Desmond, and we know that the only way Desmond would ever leave Penny and Charlie is if he were dragged, kicking and screaming, in handcuffs.

Here's the thing, though: I think Widmore thinks he's protecting Desmond by keeping him imprisoned. I don't think Widmore knows Desmond is a Lostie!

Widmore chided Sawyer during Recon about "how little" he really knew. We know that Widmore tends to be rather arrogant about his own "superior" knowledge (remember his little tete a tete with Richard about Locke during Jughead?) but doesn't know as much as he thinks he knows. It's been hinted pretty strongly that his "hatred" for Desmond was only meant to drive Desmond toward the Island---he doesn't really hate his son-in-law. If Desmond is locked in the cabin, and Widmore knew Desmond and Sawyer were friends, why not try a bit of emotional blackmail to ensure Sawyer keeps his end of the deal? (i.e., keep your end of the bargain or I start torturing your friend.) Widmore didn't want Sawyer to know who was in the cabin, because Widmore is in the dark about Desmond's true ties to the Island cohort.

The first third of Season 6 involved the "imprisonment" of the Losties at the Temple. Dogen, their jailor, was actually tasked with keeping them safe---he tried to keep them locked up in the Temple courtyard because he believed it was the best way to keep them safe from the Monster. I think Widmore brought Desmond to the Island for a purpose: maybe Des took a turn for the worse and Widmore brought him to the Island to be healed; maybe he needed Desmond's presence on the sub for the Island to allow his group to come; maybe he wants Desmond to accomplish some task. But Widmore, like Dogen, thinks he needs to keep Desmond imprisoned to keep him safe from "the others" who would hurt him.

I think it's very interesting that, throughout all of Widmore's encounters with the Losties over the last fifty years, none of them have EVER mentioned Desmond to him. Whenever Widmore asks a Lostie "Do you know who I am?", they never respond "yeah, you're Desmond's girlfriend's dad. FYI, that man is NOT fond of you. I spent several months stranded on a beach with him, and oh dear God the bitching never stopped." It's always some noncommital "I know who you are," or some variation of "you sent the Freighter to kill us all." When Widmore sent Locke to retrieve "his" people, he gave him files on the Oceanic 6; he never even mentioned Desmond, and Locke didn't ask about him. Jack and Kate never mentioned Desmond to him in the 70s; Sun never mentioned Desmond in her off-island convos. Ben didn't go after him to be on the Ajira flight, and Locke never asked about his whereabouts after turning the wheel.

Look at the situation from Widmore's perspective: Daniel's journal mentions Desmond Hume as his constant, along with a notation that Desmond Hume brings down Flight 815. There just isn't room for long ruminations on the social structure of the Beach Camp. Widmore manipulates Desmond onto the Island, Flight 815 crashes, Widmore sends the Freighter, and gives Naomi a picture of Desmond (either to make sure he survives the coming purge or to at least rescue him from the Hatch). Six people from the plane suddenly appear in the outside world, apparently having paddled a boat off-Island; Desmond Hume is nowhere to be found. Widmore has no way of even knowing that Desmond's escaped the Hatch until Desmond suddenly appears in his office, three years after the O6 escape. He's been given no indication at all that the Losties ever hooked up with Desmond. He has no way of knowing that Penelope rescued the O6. He tells Desmond that Desmond isn't involved in what's going on. Plus, from Wi! dmore's perspective, the Losties have every reason to be pissed at the guy who crashed their plane.

Fastforward a bit. Widmore, for whatever reason, needs Desmond to accompany him to the Island. He drugs/handcuffs him and locks him in a cabin, not only to keep Desmond from going apeshit on the crew, but also to keep the Losties from finding out that the guy who crashed their plane---Widmore's son-in-law---is on the Island. From his POV, the Losties might use Desmond against Widmore.

Widmore's smug "I know more than you" attitude is going to bite him in the butt. One of the major themes of Lost is the inability to discern who's on what team. I think Widmore is in the dark as to who Desmond's friends are, and he's going to be very, very shocked when he discovers that the people he's been trying to shield Desmond from are actually some of Desmond's best friends.

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