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HE'S SO TOUCHY-FEELY: SOMETHING HAPPENS WHEN JACOB TOUCHES YOU. WE KNOW THIS. AT THE VERY LEAST HE AFFECTS THE OUTCOME OF YOUR LIFE, BUT HE ALSO GREATER ABILITIES, LIKE MAKING RICHARD AGELESS (OR whatever he did). Most speculation has focused around Jacobs influence over the losties he has touched. IS this what brings them to the island? Have they been given a special gift? It seems they are somehow protected by the island (John Locke died off the island, on it he was healed).

NOW TO THE WALING DEAD: I have long been thinking about the infection. So far, my theory of this goes: The infection is real. Rousseau was not "just" crazy, although she is a crazy mother, she was never infected like Claire is now. This weeks episode made two things pretty clear. #1 SOMETHING ACTUALLY IS HAPPENING TO SAYID. As Dogen predicted, Sayid is becoming smaller and the darkenss in him is growing. His acting was fantastic, and really served to show us that something very disturbing is happening. I do think the zombie season is upon is. Now, I think that Sayid is heading to where Claire is now. Claire is not just crazy, she is most likely dead. Either way, she is INFECTED and so is Sayid.

NOW BACK TO MORE TOUCHING: The most intriguing part of this episode was the emphasis on touching, most notably when Claire slips her hand into Kates and it really freaks Kate out. This is another moment when acting is key. Kate shows us with her face and posture that she is not totally comfortable with the weird hand holding. Later, when Claire hugs her, she responds, but with caution. Its not just the jungle grime, its THE INFECTION. Now the question, if Kate dies, is she now "claimed" by UnLocke? Is she destined to join the walking dead? Kate is not a candidate for Jacob, but is she one for UnLocke? I think yes, the answer is Affirmative! Jack will replace Jacob, Kate will replace UnLocke, and those two love birds will play house once more! The smoke monster is her HAIR which gets LOST in time after she dies! (If you think I'm serious about that last part, you may want to get yourself checked out for the CRAZIES.)

A FINAL NOTE ON THE PSYCHOLOGY OF ZOMBIES: What is it that Miles can sense about the dead? He senses their one final thought, the neural remnants of a thought. What would that thought be for a mother like Claire - a blonde australian girl who gives birth to a child out of wedlock on an Island that is skipping through time? Well, its the famously annoying cry of Claire: WHERE'S MY BAAABAY?!? When Claire freaked out at Kate, she was acting on that thought, the only thought she has left. When she apologized to Kate, she was acting not on her thoughts, but on the ones UnLocke gave her. Jack and Christian might be Shepards, but UnLocke is the true leader of the LOST...dead people.

What do you think? Please critique, but if you bash it, at least give me A REASON!

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