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My theory by Super-Hurly

Alrighty, gathering up a bit of speed now, the game is being set up and I for one am enjoying the ride.

Long time reader, first time poster so I'll get on with it.

Firstly, I do think the side-timeline is what takes place once all is said and done. What determines how good or bad their life is is if they sided with Flocke or Jacob in the on-island finale:

Side with Jacob - you're a winner!
Side with Flocke - whoopsy

I think the sides are already decided from the poster showing Locke with people on his left & right. I can see Richard joining the "bad" side because Flocke would be able to give him his wish to die. Don't know how he will get Ilana, but I'm getting off the point.

Now, if my theory (big if) is right, then everyone gets another chance. I still believe there needs to be someone left on the island - someone to replace Jacob & MIB so the game can play out.

2 names jump out to me as people we have not seen in the side timeline flashes - Richard & Desmond.

I know we have "technically" seen Desmond on the plane, but Jack was the only one to see him. He appeared just like Jacob would which brings me to the end of my theory:

Desmond will become the new Jacob - I think he will do it so Widmore has to leave the place and never come back. Don't actually know how it will pan out, but Desmond will become Jacob and enforce a new dress code where the others must wear kilts and eat haggis.

Richard will become MIB - I can see MIB manipulating him, telling Richard he can kill him, but first Richard must do a job for him - a VERRYY long job and become the new MIB.

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