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Mirror Images by burnhermit

I don't know if this is accurate or not I'm just going by my observations. On last night's episode, right before Sawyer punched the mirror, it appeared that the expression on his face was slightly different from the reflection of the mirror. I could be completely wrong but at least that is what it appeared to me. My theory is what if the ALT timeline is actually a mirror image of the Losties lives. If you think back to all of the episodes throughout the series, there have been many instances where the characters have looked into mirrors. Even in this season's opener when Jack was on the plane he was looking in a mirror at the scar on his neck. Mirrors have played a subtle yet important part of the show and every that was on Oceanic 815 at one point or another had a scene of them looking in a mirror. The majority of those can be found in Season 1. And my theory is based also on the fact that the mirrors in! the Lighthouse reflected images of their off island lives. Like I said I could be completely wrong but I think that it's at least worth looking into. Go and rewatch all of Season 1 and see all of the instances where all of our favorite Losties have had a moment where they gaze into a mirror. I apologize if anyone else has posted this theory before but I do not ever recall seeing a theory along these lines.

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