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Chang on a mission in the ALT? by Statius

I'm not sure if anybody else noticed this but I think we've been given a very important tidbit of information in the last episode. Charlotte seemed to be doing more than snooping in Sawyers drawers last night, she seemed to be actively looking for something, most likely what she found. We know that Miles didn't put her up to it, given his reaction to Sawyers accusation that he had done so. Why was she after whatever information she was looking for? It's Miles' earlier comment that she works for his father, Dr. Pierre Chang, at the museum that places her actions in context. If the incident occurred in this time-line in 1977 and was stopped by Jack and the gang, Chang would have been present to see the Losties vanish, and would leave the island sometime later with the knowledge of certain people who had changed the course of history in their time travelling, for instance, his son Miles and Hurley. I suspect, theref! ore, that Dr. Chang may be in the business of trying to set things right, or at the very least, get to the bottom of what happened in 1977. Moreover, within the alternate time-line we see that the characters are beginning to converge, Ben and Locke, Miles and Sawyer and Kate, perhaps soon to begin discovering the purpose which lies before them.

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