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For a while now I have had the theory that Aaron is Jacob. I couldn't understand how Aaron would be such an important part of the show without being a major player in the game. I also had the theory that Aaron and Jacob are the same person Well, when I watched 'Recon' I realized that my theory was going in the right direction, but it was a little off. Without going to much into detail, here we go:

- Aaron was born to Clair in the main island timeline that we saw back in season 1. Clair was told that Aaron was not supposed to be raised by another, but he was raised by Kate and Clair's mother.

- In "What Kate Does' ALT Clair was in the hospital with Kate and she said that the name Aaron just came to her for her baby that was yet to be born.

I believe that Clair does not end up naming the baby Aaron, she ends up naming the baby Jacob. This dawned on me when FLocke was talking about his crazy mother. He was talking about Claire. His name is Aaron, that's why we haven't been told that on the show because it would give everything away. Somehow down the line both timelines are going to converge into one and both Aaron and Jacob will be sent back in time to the island in ancient times or something like that. As for the supernatural abilities, maybe they touch each other, and because they are the same person it has some supernatural space/time side effects.

So in conclusion:

Man In Black = Main timeline / raised by another, Aaron
Jacob = Alternate timeline / raised by Clair, Jacob

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