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After "The Package" I am left with a strange feeling I cannot yet really prove, but wanted to at least speak to.

I have this sense that the "Alt" is perhaps the real, original, or true world of the series, and that the show we have seen is all the result of a sacrifice they will make soon, or at least in the finale in the alt world.

I think that may have been a world where Jacob did not have candidates, and which will end. I believe we may very well see that world coming undone, or end by series end, and that at some tragic, but beautiful moment, the Losties will agree to sacrifice that generally happier world for one which may be terribly harder for them... and yet where they will save the world.

Sun implying that she never agreed to save the world makes me wonder precisely how long it will be before she agrees to do just that in the "Alt".

Meanwhile I am fascinated to see what will have bled over into the creation of the world our entire show took place in. I could not help but feel that Mikhail losing his eye was NOT simply a statement that some things are meant to be, but rather we literally saw how he lost his eye, thus the "Patchy" from our series.

Call me crazy, I know, but I like this idea MUCH more than the notion that "alt" could somehow be a weirdly extended "happy ending" for the series. Plus... how beautiful an ending would it be knowing "They were the sources of their own suffering", and yet did it for such a noble end. I think the Room 23 clue/return speaks to that in fact.

Oh, and a Jack who has to agree never to see David again so Jacob might have a world with candidates, etc... mirrors Dogen precisely.

Likewise, as a final parting thought. The Losties sacrificing that world for a harder one, is precisely Jacob "winning" over MiB, as he will have showed some powerful inherent good in people.

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