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Wouldn't it be interesting if the Locke we see in the sideways reality is MIB who has managed to escape from the island after granting wishes to enough people to get him off.

He's with Helen, almost his wife, which I think MIB would like to have. After all, he's had a wife a lost her. He seems very sad about that. Of course he's still can't walk, but that could be a ruse for now. Being a cripple is such a perfect place for evil to hide as in The Usual Suspects.

When see him in the school with Ben and Artz, he tempts Ben with power and doesn't seem all that friendly.

Maybe the end will be all those who have been granted their wishes from both Jacob and MIB in the sideways reality will realize Locke is really MIB, the evil one, off the island. Perhaps they do not have the personal power to grant wishes, but know how to access the islands ability to do so. Then our losties will have to decide to sacrifice their sideways realities to get MIB back to the island and contain him.

Carole Anne

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