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MIB's mother by kmncarterville

Something that Flocke said about having a crazy mother had me thinking about who that could possibly be. If the situation plays out that MIB and Jacob are Esau and Jacob from the Old Testament Bible, then maybe the mother is Rebecca. The rest of my ramblings come from Genesis. (The Bible book not the Phil Collins band)

In the Bible, Rebecca has twins (Esau and Jacob) and receives prophecy that they are fighting in her belly and will continue to fight throughout their lives. Also that the oldest (Esau) will serve the youngest (Jacob). (Which she failed to share that bit of information with her husband Isaac).

Now comes time for Isaac to give the his blessing to Esau but Rebecca had other plans if she was going to follow the prophecy. She set up for Jacob to more or less steal the blessing by deceiving Isaac and Esau.

This enraged Esau enough to want to kill Jacob so Jacob was sent away for his own protection.

I will be the first to say that I will be disppointed if Lost is a variation of a Biblical story, but this was the first thing that popped into my head when Flocke talked about his mother.

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