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MIB Built the Donkey Wheel by timeisrelative

The "home" that MIB wishes to go to is the flash sideways. The flash sideways differs from our initial timeline because the donkey wheel was never built by MIB and therefore MIB remained human. The sinking of the island is because of MIB refusing a deal with Jacob which results in a cataclysmic implosion at the Orchid site in 1977. Allow me to explain.

Long ago, when MIB was human, a tragedy took the life of a family member. Jacob agreed to bring MIB's loved one back to life in exchange for serving the island. Like Dogen, MIB accepted the deal.

Jacob's goal was to bring people to the island so they could use its unique properties to better mankind. So Jacob had MIB build the donkey wheel in order to control the energy that causes the island to hop around in time and space. The wheel serves as an anchor, making the island able to be found. By building the wheel, MIB linked himself to the energy and now personifies the very nature of that energy which is keeping the island inaccessible to anyone who could abuse it. This is the origin of the infection.

MIB's job on the island was to be Jacob's watchdog and stop people when the power made them corrupt. This had been going on for a long time and MIB was tired of it. He doesn't think mankind is capable of using the island's power for good. So to free himself of this pointless and indefinite service, his first step was to kill the island's leader. Done. Now he needs to destroy the island before one of the candidates can take Jacob's place and assume control on Jacob's behalf. MIB will accomplish this by going home (the moment when the timeline split) and preventing the construction of the donkey wheel.

So in the flash sideways, when Dharma is digging at the Orchid site in 1977, they won't discover the donkey wheel. Instead, when Dharma goes digging, they'll tap into the uncontrolled energy pocket and...Kablooey! The uncontained energy at the Orchid site will combine with the uncontained energy below the future Swan site just like Faraday warned everyone about in The Incident. This will cause this island's foundation to implode. The island will sink and Oceanic 815 will land safely in LA 27 years later.

In this sideways timeline, Dogen is with his son. Jack gets over his daddy issues by being a daddy himself. Sawyer has coffee with Juliet. Claire raises Aaron just like Malkin insisted from the beginning. Keamy is still a douche bag and gets what he deserves. Faraday pursues his love of music as I'm sure we'll soon learn. Hurley uses his good fortune to help others. And Ben is just a tea-loving nerd instead of a manipulative supervillain. I'm sure the other characters will find resolution as well.

One problem with this theory is that if the donkey wheel is not there to serve as an anchor, how will Dharma find the island in the first place? But I believe the show addresses that problem. Jacob said that even though the lighthouse mirror was broken, the new visitor (Wallace?) would find his way to the island some other way. So Dharma could find some other way as well. Plus, there are consistencies with the two timelines that show some things are fated to happen. Even though Locke was likely not pushed out of a window by his father, he is paralyzed anyway. Hurley still won the lottery. Rose still has cancer. Some things are fated to happen. Perhaps Dharma was fated to find the island.

Looking at the grand scheme of things, MIB made the first death-cheating deal with Jacob. This began a chain of identical deals that led to our first five seasons of suffering through unresolved issues. The moral of the story: Dead is dead. We have to learn to accept that and not make Faustian arrangements to bring them back. Otherwise we'll find ourselves in a timeline with shapeshifting clouds of smoke and time-jumping Scotsmen.

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