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MIB has Jacob's body by LongLiveLocke

I am a first time submitter to the Forum and felt compelled to submit a theory because after reading some of the reviews from the latest episode, I came away with a different take.

After my third viewing today I have temporarily changed my view of MIB versus Jacob. I believe the real MIB is appearing as Jacob. Of course, part of the real genius behind the writing of Lost is the duplicity. I have changed my mind several times regarding MIB and Jacob. Each episode is written so one's point of view that "MIB equals good/bad" or "Jacob equals good/bad" can be substantiated by happenings and dialogue in each episode. Following are some things I noticed/reasons for changing my mind (Once again.)

MIB says Jacob "took my body" I now think he means it literally. I believe who we are seeing as Jacob is actually MIB. In other words, Jacob used to really look like Jacob but MIB stole Jacob's body so the person we are watching as Jacob is actually MIB.

Look at the scene where Richard first encounters Jacob at the beach. When he asks him the first time "Are you the devil?" Jacob looks downward but then a sinister sideways glance appears.

When Richard asks him two questions, first, if he can bring back his wife and second, if he can absolve him from his sins so that he does not go to hell, Jacob tells him "no, I can't do that".

The person we know as MIB had the same sword Dogen had but he had it FIRST. We are led to believe it is only this special sword which can "kill the devil".

MIB gives Richard the gold cross necklace. Richard buries it. Later on when Hurley interprets for Richard's wife she asks why Richard buried it. I believe this is significant since MIB gave it to Richard first, as maybe a reminder of his wife in a good/religous way...not for evil purposes but Richard instead buries it.

Jacob gives the white stone back to MIB at end. This could be seen as "here's your stone back...it didn't work for you".

Just a few things which could be interpreted in different ways. Probably will change my mind again in the next episode but hey, that's part of the fun, right?

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