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good vs evil = smoke and mirrors by mike wasowski

I am new to this. I have read other theories for a while and have never posted, until now. That being said, I can not believe that nobody else has posted anything like this, and I apologize that I overlooked it if they did.

My theory: Jacob and MIB are neither good nor evil. They are two somewhat supernatural beings playing a game that has lasted for a very long time, and they are being supervised or kept in check by other supernatural beings, the creator of the Rules.

The strongest proof that I can give is in the most recent episode of Lost, Ab Aeterno, the MIB tried to convince Richard that Jacob was the devil. We all take that as MIB being his old manipulative self. But when Richard goes to kill Jacob, Jacob turns around and tells Richard a story about how the island is a cork keeping MIB from destroying the world, and how he believes in free will and not intervening. I believe Jacob, like MIB, was feeding Richard a load of crap. This can be deduced because the next scene that Jacob and MIB are together, Jacob’s tone, manner, everything, is so different. MIB just wants off the island, for all we know, Jacob is keeping him there for his own selfish reasons, not for safety of the world. I mean, look at the disregard for human life that Jacob has. Do you really think a guy as cold as that could give two ***** whether or not the entire population is wiped out. I believe Jacob is just as, if not more, manipulative and deceptive as smokey W! e know from The Incident that Jacob is very hands on, willing to step in, just plain manipulative. He convinces Hurley flat out to return to the island. He takes Nadia from Sayid, knowing good and well Sayid would never return to the island if Nadia was alive. The cold look in his face as the car hits her too is just…unsettling.
In the end I believe MIB and Jacob will both be revealed as having their own personal motives. Neither can be completely good or completely evil. Lost has been all about showing how people are capable of both terrible and wonderful things. Dogan (sp?) said it himself, Inside everyone is both good and evil, and I believe Jacob and MIB are no exception.

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