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So I think Jacob is trying to get Widmore to the island. I always wondered why Widmore sent his boat to the island, but if he wanted to go back so bad, why he was not on it? He had enough money and power to get back, but I think Jacob told him to wait until he called summoned him back.

In the meantime, Widmore was very patient and researched as much about the island as he could. He purchased the manifest of the Black Rock to get history of the island (possibly history of the very people Jacob brought to the island. Jacob now wants him back.

What I find interesting is Widmore ordered Ben to kill baby Alex. Widmore said he was ordered by Jacob to do so. So did Jacob know that Alex was going to be the tipping point for Ben? That the Smoke Monster would use Alex to have Ben follow Flocke? But what makes this so interesting is it was Widmore's mercenary that killed Alex! It was like Widmore was finishing the job Jacob wanted him to do, but it was too late! Ben was now emotionally attached and Flocke could capatilize.

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