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Man in Black Lied to Sayid by John Doe

I think that Man in Black lied to Sayid when he told him that Dogan sent him to be killed. Sayid is a candidate and Man in Black cannot kill candidates. Dogan knew it, that's why he was looking either for Jack or Hurley to kill Man in Black and only then looked for Sayid who is also a candidate. More, Sayid didn't stab Man in Black right away, but only after he said "hello". This was the reason the stabbing didn't work. Dogan told him that after he'll start talking it'd be too late, that means it could have actually work beforehand.
Man in Black has lied to Claire before, that her son is in the temple, so I think there is a big chance he has lied to Sayid that he'll get him Nadia too and probably to Sawyer as well. This makes me to think he is actually evil.

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