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Island of Insanity by Dave

After last night’s episode, it hit me - LOST isn’t a story of “good vs. evil”, it’s a story about people losing their minds!

It seems that everyone on the island is completely bonkers. Well, ok, some more than others. But there’s one thing for sure if you have some measure of sanity, the odds are, you’re going to die.

I think the endgame will come down to two opposing sides of this “island of insanity”. Team Crazy vs. Team Crazier

Team Crazy:
>Hurley - has an imaginary friend named Jacob.
>Jack – has admitted to being broken and thought a landmass could heal him.
>Richard – has run off into the jungle to hide from someone who isn’t chasing him.
>Kate – has taken and raised Claire’s baby and thinks telling her this is a good thing.

Team Crazier:
>Claire – has made a squirrel baby.
>Sawyer – has asked to be left alone and thinks leaving the island will help.
>Sayid – has serious “kill” issues.
>Ben – has no idea what’s going on.

So this means that not only do Ben and Kate switch sides, but those not listed here (the only ones with some measure of sanity), will be killed off before the finale.

I think this theory is pretty sound, but then again – I could be cRaZy!

MaY tHe CrAzIest mAn wIn!

WhO dO yOu tHinK iT wILL bE?

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