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Flashes of Light and Flashes of Dark by Jacob

To begin, if the beach scene with MIB and Jacob says anything it says that Jacob thinks he can change the "ending" where MIB thinks it's impossible. We are led to believe that by our definition of yin and yang, black and white, that Jacob is good and MIB is evil. Flocke throws the white rock out into the ocean and says "it was an inside joke". A joke of that nature usually means irony or a play on words. So even though Jacob wears white and MIB wears black in the scene and represents that color of rock- are they actually the opposite- at least from a certain point of view? Who's point of view? If Jacob believes that he can change how it ends then that means he thinks he can control free will. MIB believes in free will and what happens happens. Now, it could be that Flocke is just telling people he can set them free perhaps he is lying.

One thing that I find interesting is that when the smoke monster came up to different lost characters- they've claimed seeing two different things. When Juliet and Kate were handcuffed together, the monster came up and Juliet sees flashes of white. (Important later). However, others have seen flashes of black. In fact I believe that Sawyer had a convo with someone once where they said they saw a flash of white and he said that's not what I saw. Can anyone remember who saw flashes of white and who saw flashes of black? Also, in the episode where we see Jack go to Thailand I think there are two important items. First, and going back to Juliet seeing flashes of white, she was "marked" and kicked out of the Others. This means that if Jacob is in charge of the Others then she was kicked out his clan. However, she saw flashes of white from the smoke monster. Like I said before, is the white/black actually opposite?

Also, in that episode we saw that Jack got marked by the girl he was seeing in Thailand. She said that he was " a leader, but because of this he was lonely, angry because of it, etc". When the sherriff of the others told him what the tatto said "He walks amongst us but is not one of us"- he said that's what it says but that's not what it means. I think this was definite foreshadowing. If you take it in that moment of the episode then he's not one of the "white"/ Jacob but he walks amongst them. Or in totality of the losties, it could mean that he walks amongst them but is not one of them. Does that make him important in the end or not?

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