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Bizzaro Take on THE RULES by Locke4God

This isn't very long, and actually I hope maybe you can help expand it. That is if it makes any sense.

Essentially I'm wondering if the rules are less literally, and more conceptual rules.

I was thinking this after noticing that there are subtle differences in the way Jacob & MIB get people to do things. MIB just plantantly presents a choice to you. He offers you this for that and leaves it up to you. But Jacob seems to offer you nothing, aside from Dogon's assertion that Jacob did just that. Everything other time though, he presents you with a decision to make, but offers you nothing. The choices are already present, and if you choose to take his hint as to what to do, then you do it on faith, because he won't tell you why you should.

But in the larger picture, there are rules that guide what MIB, Jacob, and the candidates are able to do, and I think you might understand them, but understanding the following.

A human being is falable. We're incable of being perfect. In fact what makes us our best is even dependent upon us being imperfect, and it's the same reason why it's impossible to create any sort of Utopia. Human beings won't let it happen.


Well, how is it that we learn life skills? We learn them because we're motivated to do so. But what motivates us? Necessity.

Human beings, at their base level, have to have motivation in order to accomplish most anything. We need a killer instinct, or a passion, or whatever you call it to succeed. And that is given to us at a very early age.

The flaw is that you can't learn unless your parents allowed you to learn by failure. It has to be proven to you that you get nothing unless you give something. And if you are given everything as a young child without having to work for it, then you'll grow up as a spoiled, self entitled brat, without the life skills necessary to attain anything for yourself.

So I bring this up to illustrate, that this is a type of rule. It's a rule of life. It's just a fact that human beings have to have values like courtesy, patience, work ethic, and others, bred into them at an early age, or else they won't pick them up at all. You can't go back. You can't teach a selfish adult how to be considerate of others. It's just too late.

And I think this type of thought is an example of the type of rule Jacob and MIB are playing by.

They're using rules of life, rules of psychological, or physiological development, and not just some arbitrarily created list that says what you can and can't do. In their case it's what works or doesn't.

As in the case above, you can't give a kid everything he asks for, or he'll grow to expect it. Human beings are flawed and they have to be smacked on the nose sometimes in order for them to get it. Likewise, MIB & Jacob have to treat people, even adults in this way, in order for them to "get it", whatever it is they're supposed to eventually get.

Get it? :-)

So yeah, that's the idea, but I might need some help filling out a more detailed set of rules, as it applies to the actions they've taken so far.

Any thoughts?

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