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Lost could also be titled "Hope" by Bullbull10

Hope, without"Hope" you have nothing. Everyone on this island has "Hope" From the very first episode, when the plane crashes, Jack wakes up in the Jungle and he's Hoping that he's not injured, that night everyone is around the campfires "Hoping " that someone is coming for them. Later that night they hear rumblings in the trees and everyone is "hoping" whatever it is doesn't come out and attack them. Jacob and the MIB have been "Hoping" for years that one of them is right. MIB is hoping that he has finally found the loophole to set him free and he can go "Home". Jacob is "Hoping " that he has found his replacement among the six candidates. Present day Ilana is "Hoping " she can protect the six. Sawyer is "Hoping " his con is going to work and he can get off this rock. Jacob was "Hoping " that he was wrong about Ben before Ben killed him. Miles is"Hoping " that he can get off the island with the bag of diamonds th! at he dug up. Sun and Jin are both "Hoping" that they find each other before it's too late. Even Claire had "Hope" even though FLocke told her that Aaron had been taken away from her, she had "Hope" that one day she would be with him. Even Richard when he was down in the belly of the Black Rock, he was given "Hope" in the form of his wife "Isabella" When the MIB came to him and offered to set him free it came with the condition that he kill the devil, but he gave him "hope" that if he did this deed he would be wife his wife again. In closing I like to say that I"m "Hoping " along with everyone else that the Lost has a great ending, and it doesn't end like "St Elsewhere"

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