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Alright so in 1860 (or whatever year) the Black Rock crashes and at that point Jacob appears very content to let MIB just do whatever he wants to the people Jacob brings.

My basic question I'm asking here is that if MIB is trapped on the Island, then why trap him in a Cabin as well?

We've seen that MIB attacks new arrivals throughout the show. Smokey attacks the Black Rock crew, Rousseau's group, and later the 815ers, and perhaps even the Ajira group. What I mean here is that he attacked them, seemingly unprovoked.

This could mean a few things.

1. It could be that MIB was never trapped in the cabin at all. Perhaps it was just a ruse on MIB's part to con Ben & later Locke. If this is so, then Jacob's meeting with Richard didn't sway Jacob into preventing MIB from killing any new arrivals he felt like.

2. Jacob did trap MIB in the Cabin, just as we saw, and he did it for the purpose of protecting those he brought to the island. His meeting with Richard convinced Jacob that he needed to protect these people in order to secure their freedom of choice, which was his ultimate goal. So he had Richard found the temple and The Others after trapping MIB in the Cabin.

The problem with #2 is obvious. The Cabin wasn't built until 1970 something, or even later. That leaves more than 100 years between then and his first meeting with Richard. It'd be hard to say that meeting motivated Jacob to trap MIB in the Cabin, but it certainly could have helped in the recruitment and security of The Others regardless.

Another problem with #2 is that Smokey was killing people like Rousseau's group and the 815ers while he was apparently trapped in the Cabin. Rousseau arrived in 88, and so if the cabin wasn't built until 1980 or thereabouts, he was only trapped there for a decade, and it's a decade we've seen very little of so far. Not saying it's insignifacant, but I also don't know why it would be a big deal for Jacob at that point to suddenly trap MIB, when he hadn't for the past 100 years.

On the Other hand, it's possible that Smokey is at least somewhat independant of MIB. Clearly theyre connected, and likely on in the same, but regardless perhaps a human form of MIB can exist at the same time as Smokey. I only say that because we did see Isabella in the ship and hear Smokey outside. We did see Alex and Smokey dissappear from opposite side of the room. And there are other examples. Maybe MIB was trapped, unable to leave, yet his Smokey form was left outside of the ash ring, free to roam and kill 815ers.

But then if that's true, why did Jacob care to trap him in the first place, if MIB's murderous entity was still free?

I think #1 is pretty solid though. We've seen now that MIB is capable of very intricate an clever cons. Posing as Isabella, Smokey, MIB, and perhaps even that boar, all to get Richard to believe he was in hell. (Although I do give some chance that Isabella was herself).

If he's capable of all of that however, then he's certainly capable of luring Ben to the Cabin in a way that Ben would think he'd found a great location to pretend he was meeting with Jacob. Then MIB would certainly be capable of revealing himself to Locke as a ghost in order to con him into believing that he was actually Jacob. It's complex, but MIB seems to be able to handle that.

Overall this makes the most sense, as it's really odd to try and figure out how Jacob used the cabin for himself, or MIB was ever truly trapped within it.

The problem is though, that the Cabin was surrounded by ash. Surely Ben knew what the ash was about. Did Ben really just think it was a random Cabin, with nothing special going on?

I have long theorized that MIB's use of Locke's body is actually a part of Jacob's plan, and that Jacob encouraged events that would allow MIB to use the Flocke form. It's not unlikely that the ash was used by Jacob to con Locke & Ben into respectively dying and killing him, all to convince MIB that he had the upper hand. And I don't suspect that it's beyond Jacob's powers to appear in some form of ghost state.

* So I'm going with number 1, but I can't determine which scenerio works best. Was the ghost MIB playing Locke & Ben, or Jacob doing the same thing?

There is the 3rd contingency however. It could be the 3rd party that's been suspected for some time. But I'll leave that up to you.


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