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The LOST cat by Dan

So I was just reading some theories, and this came across my mind. Have you ever heard of Schrödinger's cat? It is a common way to introduce somebody to the idea of quantum mechanics. Basically it says this.

Imagine that you have a cat. You place this cat in a box along with a radioactive isotope and close the lid. This radioactive isotope then has a chance to poison the cat. However, there is a 50/50 chance that the radioactivity released will actually kill the cat. Schrödinger's tells us that until we look into the box, we do not know if the cat is dead or alive. Thus, beforehand, we must conclude that the cat is BOTH alive AND dead all at the same time.
Could this be what is happening on LOST with the two "timelines"? And instead of having to wait until actually opening the "box", we are getting a sneak peak at the two possibilities?
This could also be applied to John Locke. He currently is BOTH alive AND dead. I know Smokie is actually Locke, but we have seen that parts of Locke have shown through at times.
Also all the dead people walking around throughout the series....take for example Christian. We know he died, yet Jack kept seeing him walk around. Maybe for some reason the quantum mechanics are off and when we are on the island, when we look into the "box", there is a delay of some sorts. The two possibilities go on for a amount of time (108 minutes? days?) and then suddenly one remains.
What do you all think? Feel free to take ideas/add/subtract things. I'm just rambling, trying to contribute to the amazing conversation and debate that LOST brings to its fans.

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