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The Loophole

First of all, I do not believe that MIB or Jacob are human beings. They may have been at one time, but I think that MIB did kill Jacob while they were human. I do thing MIB’s punishment was to live with Jacob in his island home for all eternity. I think the skeletons in the cave were Jacob and MIB.

I think their people at one time worshipped them as Gods. Richard was perhaps Jacob’s high priest. Jacob didn’t let this go to his head, but MIB, so angry at not being able to return to his home (via the wheel, which lands you right in his homeland, the desert), uses the beliefs of the humans that give him power.
Think about that for a second. Reality is the perception of what we believe, which is why all those people drank all that punch Jim Jones served up. He had power. So does IMB. So does Jacob. But not power of their own, power given to them by those who believe in them. Did you see how MIB could not attack the temple until he swayed enough people to believe what he was saying.
Subconsciously, every person Jacob touched was now aware that Jacob existed.
Here is where the loophole comes in: These guys are ghosts who inhabit the island. At one point everyone that comes to the island chooses sides and they become more tangible in this reality, therefore more powerful. Jacob raised Ben from the dead, so his belief, at first was strongest. When MIB managed to shake his faith, Jacobs power weakened. It was not the knife that killed Jacob, that was just a symbol. It was Ben’s lack of belief, after all the rules were obviously nonsense to him if they broke them and killed his daughter. Sayid could not kill MIB because he did believe that evil incarnate was standing in front of him. MIB also offered him a second chance with his true love to strengthen his faith. Remember when he killed for Ben back home? So easily led.
Of course, MIB wants off the island. It’s abundance is his punishment. Also he is cut of from the larger power of evil where he is.
Throughout history, guardians have passed the torch to the next generation to protect the innocent. Example: Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail Movie.
Everyone has their part and as they are killed off they will resume life sideways completely. I think part of them resides in both times, but as they play their parts all will be fully moved into the plane never crashing scenario, except one. The one who will volunteer to stay and be the next guardian.
In the flash sideways the island is under water, so this means one of two things, MIB succeeded or the underwater island is an illusion, we shall see…
By the way, Juliet told Miles telepathically that it worked because hitting the bomb was her task, She is now fully ensconced in her sideways reality.
Just my interpretation so far….Things could change

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