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Apologies, as this is less of a complete theory than an attempt by a (slightly less) confused LOST fan to sort out what big mysteries need to be solved for the show to have a satisfying ending. When I say Big mysteries I'm talking about overarching themes that are probably necessary to be resolved, or at least dealt with to some extent, rather than perhaps still important mysteries that nevertheless unnecessary for the show to be coherent. So this "theory" is not directly related to, for example, Adam and Eve, or the Whispers. To start, I'll just try to articulate some of the big themes that have been solved, or at least dealt with.

1. Why are the Losties special?
- This is perhaps the BIG question that has been most satisfyingly somewhat answered this season. It appears that the Losties are "special" because they were touched/brought to the Island by Jacob because he has identified as potential candidates for his replacement. I'm pretty satisfied with that answer, and thank god it has been answered, because this has really been one of the main, if the not the most important mystery on the show. I'd also tie this to another mystery that has always really bugged me, but some may not consider a Major mystery.

2. Who are the Others?
- It is up for debate as to whether this has been solved, as no one has directly come out with this and given us and answer, BUT...Given the Others reverence for Jacob and Dogen's tale of being recruited, it seems to be reasonable to assume that the Others are more or less people brought to the Island by Jacob to help "protect" it. Whether the First "Others" came on the Black Rock or not, I think this particular mystery doesn't need any more exposition to have a satisfying conclusion. Of course both the above mysteries are tied to ...

3. Jacob and MIB
- There is still a heck of alot to find out about these guys (see below), but enough information has been given that the relationship between these two has started to produce order out of the mystery chaos. We know who the Smoke Monster is, why the Losties are important, why the Others are on the island, and some basic facts about their relationship. (MIB wants to "go home", Jacob wants to find a replacement, they are in some sense opposed to each other, they are recruiting the candidates identified by Jacob to opposing sides, etc.) These two figures are so key because so many of the other mysteries of the show are being dealt with through them. Which brings me to the two major overarching mysteries that I still really think need to be dealt with.

1. WHO are Jacob and MIB?
- So we know MIB wants to go home, but WHY does he want to go home? Why are these two one the island? Why do they have special powers? Why is MIB, who used to be a man (according to himself of course)a pillar of Black Smoke? Clearly these two are the key to so many of our questions, and hopefully more information about them will flesh things out. And for the final big unanswered theme...

2. Time Issues!
- What is the ALT? WHY did the Losties time travel? And of course our four big flashes - Desmond turning the failsafe key, Ben turning the Donkey Wheel, Locke turning the Donkey wheel, and the Incident. All of these events seem to have something in common, and they have all changed the game so to speak when they occurred.

My feeling is that the history of Jacob and MIB will be slowly revealed over the course of the season, with perhaps one or two episodes answering alot of questions (A Richard-centric episode could do a bit of this as well), while I think the time issues may play a key role in the long-expected WTF moments in the series finale.

Okay does this make sense to anyone else? I'm just trying to cut the jungle of mysteries down into a couple of key themes that will provide a good overview of the show. We know we won't get every mystery answered, but I feel that finding out more about Jacob/MIB and the issues related to time will provide at least a satisfying resolution.

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