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The Looking Glass Theory by Quadrivium4

I just watched Alice in Wonderland last night and was amazed by two things: 1) a great movie by Tim Burton. 2) The similarities between Lost and Lewis Carol's two books "Alice and her Adventures in Wonderland" and his sequel "Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There" are uncanny....

My theory is that the first three seasons of Lost reflect the first book, "Alice in Wonderland" and seasons 4-6 reflect the sequel Through the Looking Glass.

The themes and settings of Through the Looking Glass make it a kind of mirror image of Alice in Wonderland. The first book uses frequent changes in size as a plot device, and draws on the imagery of playing cards. The second opens exactly six months later, uses frequent changes in time and spatial directions as a plot device, and draws on the imagery of chess. In it, there are many mirror themes, including opposites, time running backwards, and so on. Hence through the looking glass/mirror.………..

- Seasons 4-5 definatly “mirror” seasons 1-3 in using flash-forward instead of flash-back as a story telling device.

- Season 6 is a direct “mirror” image to season 1 by the writers telling the story of season 1 but from an ulterior timeline.

- Who is Alice? I would say Jack since he always seems to be the centralized character, (he is chasing the rabbit) and season one and six’s first scenes start with him.

- Episode 5, season 1 is named White Rabbit, and Jack chases his dead father into the woods, the same way Alice does with the white rabbit. Later Locke refers to Jacks dad Christian, as the white rabbit and that he should follow him.

- Episode 5 season 6 is named The Lighthouse; Jack actually peers into The Looking Glass at the top of the lighthouse and sees his childhood home. It turns out that Jacob has been using this mirror to watch Jack his entire life. (The fact that Jack is having “Alice in Wonderland moments” in season 1 and 6 on the same episode #, episode 5, can’t be a coincidence… Again season 6 a “mirror image” of season 1…...

- Episode 24, season 1. Jack and Lock literally go down the rabbit hole i.e. the hatch.

- Season 3, episode 23 is named Through the Looking Glass and actually ends with Charlie dieing in the underwater “Looking Glass” Station. (I believe the writers are telling us, the viewer, that we are going through the looking glass to season 4 and is were the second book would start.) This episode is the first to feature a flash forward instead of a flash backward and directly changes the way the story is told. Jack screams “Kate! We have to go back!

- The infamous black vs. white in backgammon reference that Locke made in season one (that has been a major theme in all seasons but has had the most connection with season six) has a direct correlation to the chess game played by the Red Queen and the White Queen in the second Alice book, and Jacob vs. M.I.B.(Chess pieces are usually black and white just like backgammon)

- In "Through the Looking Glass", Alice is playing with her two kittens, one black and one white ( represented by the Red queen and the White queen) before she goes through the looking glass.

- The whole time travel theme of seasons 3 & 4 directly connects with some of the themes in Through the Looking Glass; and What Alice Found There. (White Queen is dumb but can tell you all about the future and what will happen)

- To pass through a looking glass to another world is like passing through a portal or time portal just like Locke and Ben did to get off the island.

- There are rules in a chess game and it seems that Jacob and Flocke are both bound by some kind of supernatural rule book.

- The book "Alice and Her Adventures in Wonderland", has been featured in a few episodes and is clearly an inspiration for the writers of Lost.

- In season five Jack ends up in the jungle with the famous “eye” close up (same as the first scene in season one) alluding to Jack/Alice’s return to the island/wonderland.

- Hurley is in an insane asylum and sees dead people, a.k.a, Mad Hatter. (I know kind of a stretch)

- The red Queen and the White Queen are sisters…… Could Jacob and M.I.B. be brothers?????????????? This is only pure speculation/theory so please don’t interpret this as a spoiler.

- In the second Alice book Alice acts as a white pawn the same as all the people on the island are pawns in Jacob’s game including Jack or pawns in M.I.B's game like Sayid.

- At the end of the second “Alice” book (Through the Looking Glass), Alice (the white pawn) reaches the 8th rank of the chess board and is immediately made a White Queen and captures the Red Queen ending the chess game putting the red king in checkmate. Alice Becomes the ruler of wonderland and wakes up. Could Jack be the next White Queen/Jacob destined to defeat the Red Queen/M.I.B the same as Alice… This is only pure speculation/theory so please don’t interpret this as a spoiler.

I do believe that Lost is very loosely based on the “Alice” books and is a very important clue in understanding how season six is going to play out. Is the island simply wonderland??? ………. I would strongly say no, but I do believe that the lost script does follow a pattern and has a correlation to the “Alice” books.

Although, I would be very disappointed in the Lost writers if Jack wakes up from a dream and arrives in the flash sideways timeline, the same way Alice wakes up from her dream sitting in her armchair with the black kitten (red queen/ M.I.B) purring in her hand and that’s the end. I only hope that this will not be the case…


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