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Green & Blue by Fafigunigen

I don't know if anyone has posted this idea yet, but it would surprise me if no one else has thought of it, since the show hasn't been very subtle in this area. The idea has been floating around in my head since season 3.

green=white blue=black
green=faith blue=science
green=life blue=death
green=yang blue=yin
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Characters on the show wear green and white when they are aligned with the island and Jacob. They wear blue and black when they are aligned with MIB or trying to leave the island. Other colours tend to represent a transition from one colour to another (When Locke started losing his faith in season 2 he is seen in yellow quite often) or a unity between the two colours (Hurley's red). You can easily determine a characters allegiance this way, since most characters where some shade of green or blue. If they're not wearing green or blue they're more then likely wearing black or white.

Jack almost always wears blue/black. Some exceptions are when he is playing catch with Tom Friendly and for the first time is in alignment with the island. He is not fighting, destroying, or working against the islands forces in any way. Although he is planning on leaving the island he really only has faith that he will get to leave, but that's not his fate. He has also been transitioning to green in recent episodes, Locke in reverse.

Locke is the opposite of Jack in the sense that as Jack goes from blue to green Locke goes from green to blue. No matter how hard Locke tries to be a man of faith, green, he is constantly reminded that he's not ala Cabin Fever(as an aside I also believe that choosing the knife represents that your colour will shift). His indecision is most recently shown in the substitute when he is in the tub trying to decide between a green and a blue fabric swatch. He chooses the blue swatch at the last second.

All the characters in Lost fall into one of the the two colour categories on and off the island, almost all of the time. Neither path is correct though as we learn from Rose and Bernard that the only resolution comes from the union of science (Bernard) and faith (Rose). This will be the end game of lost. When the two sides finally learn that neither are fundamentally wrong, and that their duality is what gives rise to everything we care about. Life and death, good and bad, science and faith, and any other dual you can think of are all necessary for existence. Apeiron.

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