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The wool was pulled over our eyes from the start and the MIB was scheming all along!

First time i have ever posted a theory on Lost and i am waiting to be shot down. But after seeing Richard episode and re watching the first season lot of things seem to jump out at me. I hope that my musings will stimulate some discussion even to say it is c**p. But my main thing is given MIB previous form to kill everyone in sight but one person upon landing on the island as seen in Richards back story, so why when our losties arrive on the island does he seem to hold back and not go rampaging through the whole camp. Not all the losties are candidates. Normally MIB gets rid of these so what has change?

It puzzled me why he never went rampaging through the losties camp like he normal does. It maybe due to one of 2 things, 1) the MIB had to think of better and sneakier ways to gain his ultimate goal to kill Jacob and get of the island or 2) something happened to him to reduce his power. The 1st point suggests the rules of the game changed with Richard becoming Jacobs right hand man. No longer could MIB go up a load of freshly shipwreck crews, decide on someone who maybe could do the one to do his bidding and kill Jacob while deposing of the rest. His normal mode of action seem to be leave that one person to struggle and then gives them the easy way out but at a price. He will talk to them and convince them what to do what he wants for their hearts desires. But after Richard, that he had to become more subtle in his approach to people because Jacob could get there first and exert an indirect influence.

The question to me is why was the hatch important, why was Locke lead to the hatch and why was the opening of the hatch such a big thing for Locke?. Personally, I think that it has to do with the MIB and maybe his reduced power. In the 1970s, the Dharma initiative built the swan station to study the electromagnetism. But after an incident it was found that the electromagnetism had to discharged from the swan station in short bursts every 108 mins. This effect of slowly dissipating the energy over time stopped huge amounts of energy from flowing around the island at one time and limiting the energy in turn stopped the MIB manifesting into human form, ie he cannot manifest in a body but can do once he gets rid of the swan station. We never see MIB in full human form during season 1, only a handful of times (maybe Christian) but only when there is enough energy around about the built up. Being trapped in smoke form makes the MIB mightily pee'd off. However in season 1 the MIB! in his smoke form has been sussing out the candidates. He has buzzed them. He can still get rid of those not suppose to be there (the pilot). What better revenge on Jacob and the others than corrupting one of his candidates and getting him to kill Jacob. My take on the purge was that it was a way of the others gaining control of the swan station to finally have a hold on MIB, limited him to his smoke form and thus having more control over him and negating his influence on the candidates. They are still afraid of him in his smoke form. You are more likely to run away from the smoke form than a human form. It gives a chance to the candidates to run. It also make sense that when MIB went to the temple he was pee'd off that they play a part in his incarceration and how he was disappointed in them.

Since Jacob employed Richard and also having been limited in his options, the MIB has had to be a bit sneaky in how he can influence the candidates. In his encounters with Locke he sees a guys who loves being on the island, who does not want to leave and has those values of Jacob. Locke even talks like Jacob. In season 1 when we listen to Locke Locke he voices the same philosophy. He states, like Jacob, every one that comes to the island has a clean slate, nothing that happens before is relevant. In the moth, he talks about struggle that it is good as it make the moth strong. If he were to help the moth, it would not be good for the person, like the MIB who makes it easy for people when times are hard. In the season 1 finale, he talks to Jack about how he likes to play games. He understands these are important on the island. He knows they were brought here for a reason and they need to figure it out. What is better than to corrupt a jacob- like figure candidate to get your ! ultimate goal. Locke maybe appears strong and talks the talk but Lockes has flaws. He wants most of all is to be accepted. Even though everyone gets a clean slate on the Island he cannot shake off being easily conned by his father, his mother, his friend/police officer. He is willing to believe anything to get that acceptance. He gets agitated by people telling him what to do, but yet he willing to trust people to do things that he wants to do. Great for old MIB. He has found his mark plus a potential body to slip in unnoticed to get close to Jacob. So begins the game so MIB gets back to full strength.

First Locke is given back the use of his legs and in dreams he is led to the hatch. In his hours of doubt, the MIB has the use of his legs taken away from him in order to keep doing MIB bidding. Locke eventually opens the hatch and then we have even more mind games during season 2. Ben plants doubts in the mind of Locke about the numbers and button. The MIB needed another person to help in conning Locke and that is where Ben comes in. I think that Ben is influenced by both MIB and Jacob, but i think that MIB took advantage of Ben desire to become leader and helped him oust Widmore, so at this point in time there is more darkness than light in Ben. But Ben does stops the countdown before it reaches meltdown as he knows Locke must do it. In more dreams, Locke and Mr Eko, are led to the pearl. Again planting more doubt in Lockes mind about the validity of the number input and what will happen. All part of MIB plan to finally release the energy, allowing it to flow freely rather! in control bursts giving him back full control. It is of no coincidence that the hieroglyphs spell out underworld. Mr Eko realized that by not pressing the buttons something terrible would be released. Mr EKo tried to stop Locke. Season 3 the tone changed as things start to gain momentum from the MIB being fully unleashed. First thing he did was he went gunning for Mr Eko first because he tried to stop Locke releasing the energy. Mr Eko is one of the few people who stood up to the MIB and he was not sorry for his actions as he did was right for him given the tough choices he faced. MIB could then use the released energy to become Yemi and talk to Mr Eko, then kill him.

As the season 3 and 4 move on there is a definite shift in Locke persona. He is struggling between the light and the dark with in him. What is right and wrong! He is being told he is special by Ben. He is doing things to that he thinks is protect the Island. But protecting it from whom. As he does what he think is right, so Locke becomes alienated from the rest of the candidates. The suggestion that he is special and acceptance into the others slowly corrupts him. In the beginning Locke was caring and made people see things by gentle reasoning but that person is slowly becoming lost. MIB does not want Widmore on the Island as Widmore knows the score and he works for Jacob. He was probably leader at the time the swan station was operational, knew that MIB was tethered and was involved in the purge of the Dharma group. MIB also does not want anymore on the island that could be candidates. Widmore knows that the candidates must be kept safe at all costs. He has been involved i! n getting people to where they need to be, Desmond, Faraday, Locke, Lapidus, Charlotte, Miles. Locke does not want the Losties to leave as he knows they are special, but at this point leaving the island it is their biggest saving grace to keep them safe. Sending in the mercenary team had two functions 1) Widmore wanted Ben dead or at least out of the way to stop influencing Locke and 2) Widmore also wanted to go back to the island.

By telling Locke to move the island, the MIB stop Widmore for the moment getting back on the island. So with that distraction out of the way for the moment the MIB is focused on the second phase of his plan of getting Locks body and to kill Jacob. He is creating a chain of events leading to that all important loop hole. When we see Locke flashing back and he is shot by Ethan, he is started to be broken. For MIB to do anything he needs people at their most desperate. It is surprising that MIB in Lockes body uses Richard (without his knowledge) to convince Locke that he must die to save them all. Another blinder by the MIB and he must of been laughing because he managed to pulled the wool over his adversary's right hand mans eyes.

Off island, Widmore was trying to make sure that Locke did not die as he knows that Locke was a candidate and needed to be alive if he is to fulfill his destiny on the Island. He wanted Locke to bring the others back to the island and Widmore was trying to keep him away from Ben’s influence. Ben knew that Locke was a candidate and he thinks he is doing good in protecting him from Widmore. When we see Ben and Locke in the hotel room together we see two men, scared to lose their power that has corrupted them. Ben saw his chance to go back on the Island and has always been jealous that Locke. Locke so broken in his failure to bring back the others, he wanted out. Ben cunningly extracts knowledge to keep him going before killing Locke. This has been set up by MIB since that encounter in the cabin where MIB talked to Locke and not Ben. The O6 were never going to come back unless by their own free choice. By coming back the island dead, MIB can assume Locks body. By quietly sett! ing this all up the MIB has finally got his chance to kill Jacob. Assuming Locks body gave him cover and giving up the upper hand over Ben, he plants more seeds of doubt and disbelief into Ben that Jacob does not care for him, So all the MIB has to do is sit back and watch it all kick off like he normally does. But wait a minute, Jacob knew this, as he has been influencing Ben too through Richard and his lists. Jacob always thought that he was wrong about Ben and that he would make the right choice.

When Ben realizes what he has done to Jacob and what he has unleashed in Dr Linus he has his epiphany, that power does not matter, all that matters that you live and make the right choices and you can live with it. He was corrupted with power and he was so blinkered in achieving that goal he did consider the overall picture. Only once he relinquishes this, does Ben truly becomes one of Jacobs men.

In life we go through dark periods in our lives, we could take short term fixes to make it better but in the long run, what makes us struggle makes us stronger to fight on and live our lives to the full, making our own decisions on what is right and wrong. Ben had to find his way there, the struggle was hard, the loss of his daughter, the lost of his power and the lost of the jacob but facing up to his choices and the sense of relief expressed by him with people finally accepting him as he is and not because he holds the power was one of the most powerful moments in Lost. This sums up everything about the struggles that candidates must undertake in the race to become Jacobs successor. That person must be unshakable, know what to do the the greater good of mankind, be 2 steps ahead of anything going on and must not let the power that they wield go to their head or corrupt them to keep the MIB in check. They must also be strong in their conviction and not let themselves be inf! luenced by MIB. There is always a point at which you can turn things around to become a team Jacob person, we are not corrupt through and through and there is always time to change.

The others have always looked out for the candidates, the whispers are the others way of making sure they are ok, but also to make sure the losties keep their guard up. The things the others do make sure that the losties fight for their survival and carry on. Again struggling is Jacobs way of making them stronger. The others could make it easier for the candidates by taking them off to the temple and protecting them but you might as well give in and become one of MIB gang then.

The sickness/infection may be a manifestion of the MIB way of getting rid of the people he does not want or maybe able to influence people while he was under par. In Rousseau flashback, we see her crew mates trying to convince her to come with them, but she is adamant she is not going because they are infected. To stop them influencing her, she had to kill her crew mates and partner. So Rousseau carried on the way she is, running away from the smoke form when he was around and keeping herself to herself, surviving.

On the subject of the children, I think the others don’t want the kids involved in the game between Jacob and MIB. I think taking them was done for their own protection. I think one of the reasons that the O6 got off the island was to protect Aaron from the influence of MIB. Children are innocent, they have no concept of right and wrong and as they grow up they are shown by their parents, learn from life experiences and from the consequences. I think the whole thing with Aaron being raised by another was the influence of MIB on him. The others don’t want Aaron to be exposed to MIB. MIB seems to think that everyone is corruptible and what is better than to prove his point on by raising a child who cannot tell right or wrong because they need to learn to make those decisions. Would that not be in MIB favour as he thinks that ultimately that everyone born without the innate knowledge of right or wrong so they must be corrupt and will try to achieve anything what they want ! with out regard for anyone or thing. Claire held on to Aaron at all costs against the odds. If MIB cannot have Aaron the next best thing is to influence his mother. Ultimately Claire got infected by the infection. Aaron got of the island free from his mothers downfall but she/ Flocke wants Aaron back. Kate made the right choice for him to stay off island and although her desire is for her to keep him with her all the time, she gave him back to his grandmother where his true family could influence him, out of the clutches of MIB and infected Claire. I think what MIB told Claire after she went went mental on Kate during episode 7 was that when they got off the Island, she can get Aaron back and they just had to bide their time. Hence why she is all pally pally with Kate afterwards because Claire needs Kate to tell her where Aaron is.

Sorry it has been a long one, so much is running around my head. So ready for the flaming now. I am really nervous about this........

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