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Is Jacob really such a "good guy"? by kcol

Is Jacob all he is made out to be?

Im not so sure,......

For Jacob bringing humans to the island is no less than some sort of ' experiment ' to prove MIB wrong,....but MIb doesn't need to prove anything... its a known fact that we as humans are 'corrupt' just on different levels, no human is perfect,...MIB knows no is not perfect and says that to Kate,"no one is perfect..."

The thing is we only have to look outside the ' island world' to see the other millions of humans who live everyday and do right and wrong things and there is no MIB to convince them to do it either...so in fact there is not much point to all this for MIB which makes me think that Jacob has made this all about himself......

All MIB wants to do is leave the island but he cannot leave the island unless Jacob lets him go (or is dead) ( we do not know the full reasons as to how or why or what the rules are) All we know is that Jacob wont let MIB go....

Jacob's excuse for this is that MIB is extremely evil and that he is protecting the outside world from him and that the island is some sort of prison (cork/bottle holding the evil in) but I think the real reason Jacob wont let MIB go is that if he does his experiment would be over,...like he said 'it can only end once everything else is just progress.'

One has to wonder if Jacob himself really knows the difference between right and wrong?

Jacob talks with reasons such as wanting them to help themselves. To know the difference between right and wrong without him having to tell them....'It's all meaningless if I have to force them to do anything. Why should I have to step in?"

But he does step in..........by bringing them there in the first place....and I don't think his methods are exactly a free choice for the 'candidates' . He 'forces' them to choose by giving them an option involving someone they love or a personal situation using emotional situations like he did with Dogen ,whose son died and tells him he can bring his son back to life he but cannot be apart of it, instead he has to come to the island forever,......(only to be killed in the end) ....same as Juliet whose sister had cancer..... also her husband being killed too...there is Sayid and Nadia being killed as Jacob side tracks Sayid. Or he imply makes a planes and boats crash on the island.

Thats the other thing.... there were a lot more survivors than just the Losties on that plane as well as the Ajira plane .....both planes who where made to come to the island without the passengers having much say in the matter (except the Losties on their return) these other survivors (who were not on Jacob's list are mostly dead),....and these are the ones we know of as we don't know how long Jacob has been doing this....and how many innocent ones have died because of Jacob's plan to get people to the island

He convinces his followers its for the sake of the island in order to protect it, but like MIB said to Swayer ' thats just it there is nothing to protect it from its just an island.......'

Whatever happened to MIB in order for him to loose his human form we don't know yet but he does talk of being tricked......and it seems that since Jacob has died he is able to be more permanent in Locke's body and is able to feel slightly human again, so I wouldnt be surprised if Jacob had something to do with MIB being smokey either.......I am not saying MIB is the "good guy" but don't be fooled by Jacob either....he has got a lot more to loose that MIB does........Jacob has made the island his completely...controlling everything on it even MIB to a point....... keeping him in the cabin.

However in time MIB has finally been able to play Jacob at his own game,.....Ben killed Jacob not because MIB necessarily told him too do it but mainly because for 30 years Ben had followed Jacob blindly and even sacrificed his own daughter for the 'sake of the island' and all Jacob had to say was "what about you?" as though Ben meant nothing to him,......even after all that time and dedication. Same as Richard feeling angry as he realises that he doesnt know as much as he thought he did......

We know MIB has killed a lot of people and is deceptive but he always seems to give his enemies a choice before he kills them "leave or die" which most enemies dont give,......but how many Has Jacob killed too?' (without them having a choice).... perhaps he has not killed them in person but he seems to have no problem getting other people to do his dirty work. Dogen was happy to shoot the intruders (Losties) at the temple until he confirmed they were on Jacob's list.......Seems Jacob has a lot of power.....and is not bothered by the casualties... he will just find some more 'pawns' like he has always done in the past to replace them.

I thinks Jacob is a man of science, not faith,........and is he really the "good guy"...? hard to say, as we don't know the full back story to his origins but there is alot more to him than we are lead to believe and i don't believe its all that good ...well thats what I think anyway...I could be wrong.....

This is more an observation than theory but it would be interesting to see what you all think ..

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