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The parallels between lost and ancient egypt are definitely a huge presence in the show and have been hinted that they hold a clue for the show. After the great episode that was AA ("Ab Aeterno"), It seems as though that reins true. First let's take a look at some egyptian gods and their meaning and history:

Apep: Evil Demon, The deification of darkness and chaos, "enemy" of Ra and opponent of light and order. Apep was known for his "battles" with Ra and was considered the personification of evil. Sound Familiar?

Ra: Sun god, to the ancient egyptians, Ra represented light, warmth, and growth. The sun was considered the "Eye" of Ra. Ra was known for his many battles with his brother Apep.

It seems to me like you can draw parallels from these two to Jacob and MiB, but the similarities become even more obvious when you look at two more Egyptian gods:

Set: god of darkness, the desert, and chaos. Older brother to osiris, he killed his younger brother out of jealousy. Famous for his battle with Horus (hmm), he eventually became the god of "Infertility" (HMMM).

Horus: the sky god, horus represented the moon and the sun. Horus was told by his mother that he was to "protect" the people of egypt from Set. Horus had many battles with set, many of which to determine the new ruler of egypt. Horus was also depicted as a falcon. (hurley bird). He was considered the god of "Protection".

It seems very strange and it seems like their has always been a constant battle between two forces. Based on the little info we know about Jacob and MiB, the theme of chaos and evil vs light and order seem very relevant.

Another interesting piece of information is the parallel of Taweret, who just so happens to be the statue we see in "The Incident" and AA.

Taweret: The goddess of Childbirth and fertility (life). Set eventually took the place of Apep as the god of evil and taweret became her comcubine. Many people associated taweret with evil as well but changed her ways and became known as holding Set on a "chain" (hmm).

Another interesting note from taweret is that her image was said to bring protection during childbirth. She also had many statues around the world but very few can be found today.

One thing to know about the egyptian hierarchy is that they were constantly replacing gods with other gods. We see that Jacob and possibly the MiB know that when one of them is killed, another will takes his place. Also, in ancient egypt, there was a game called the Mehen Game that it still mysterious to this day. The only real known fact is that the game pieces can be up to 6 at a time. Isn't there 6 candidates?

So there are the parallels but what does it have to do with whats going on in the island and whats my theory? Well here it is.

What if this game that Jacob and MiB are playing has been going on forever? It is the natural order of the universe for two different sides to be playing this game of good vs evil. In egypt, there always is one side that represents chaos vs one side that represents order. But not only is it in ancient egypt, but pretty much every religion practices that ideal. If you look at the Book of Job in the old testament, it is essentially a test of Job and a game between the devil and God. God even tells the devil, "everything he has in your hands, to the man himself do not lay a finger." That seems to mirror what Jacob says about interference.

In my opinion, the island is a place that moves throughout the world through pockets of energy. It was there to create a worldwide balance between order and chaos. This is hinted at us throughout the show (two men in the swan hatch or the world would end). Each side is represented by someone. Long ago is was the egyptian gods, now it's jacob and MiB.

The island is special and has constantly been moving throughout the world on it's own timeframe. Evil and death cannot exist with the presence of life but life can exist without the presence of death. The garden of eden would show that. Now that Jacob is dead, death and chaos can be spread throughout the world because the presence of life and order is gone. Thats what i believe lost is about.

The MiB is tired of this constant loop of balance and finally wants to leave and destroy the earth if that means he may finally go to his resting place. All this would explain the MiB powers along with jacob and would show a key fundamental piece that AA was trying to tell us.

Jacob is trying to show the MiB that humanity is good and their is a purpose to them being there. He wants the MiB to accept that so that they may continue this cycle and that humanity may continue to live. This mirrors so many things on the show and the biggest I can think of is Locke trying to convince Jack to stay on the island and that there is a purpose for them being there.

This is a genuine theory, to me it makes a lot of sense and I have no knowledge at all of future episodes or the actual ending. I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading.

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