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It would seem to me that the events we saw in "Dr. Linus" would detail a more parallel story to what happened with Charles Widmore and Ben Linus. When Ben forced Widmore off the Island, he did it by using information about Widmore and his promiscuity off the Island. Perhaps a reason why we see him at the end of the episode. Similar information about the principle is what started their fiasco.

The main difference is choice. In one scenario Ben chooses power. In another he chooses compromise. But in the end he is the same man in both iterations, humble and empty.

It ends the same, everything leading up to it. Is progress.

I think we are not seeing an epilogue of our Losties, I believe that these are events that our key characters will always have to make regardless of the Island, time, or space. How they deal with these events are what make them feel the way they do about them selves.

The incident happened in our Sideways flashes. Roger nearly confirmed that when he stated that they had been on the Island, but then had to leave. That means Sayid shot Ben. Ben knows this in this sideways flash so does Roger. Now, what is important here is that there are people who were at Dharma on the island that remember these other people(Losties) who just seemingly disappear. Perhaps by coincidence these people cross paths again but look to have not aged since they were last seen. But these Losties have no recollection of what they had "done" because they (their present self) never did it.

They would be told they sunk an Island (or something to that extent).

What happens beyond that point is anyones guess. But I have a feeling that the incident worked but the outcome of everything is really unclear.

I'm not saying that the incident sunk the island. But it may have spurred the chain events on the island (such as the volcano) to plunge it to the bottom of the sea all Atlantis style.

Let me know what you think.

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