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After a few flash sideways over the past few weeks I came to a conclusion. It seems as if our losties are finding or associated with somebody they want to be with or actually "love." For example, in the first week Kate finds Claire in the taxi. She doesn't know Claire, and eventually ends of helping her to deliver the baby. They have somewhat of a short relationship.

However, on the island Kate and Claire are not 100% in a relationship. For example, Claire already told Jin she would kill Kate if she took Aaron off the island. We are uncertain so far about how Kate and Claire will get along now that she knows about Aaron.

Another example is Sayid and Nadia. In present time Nadia is killed in a horrific accident. However in the flash-sideways it looks like they will have an opportunity to be with each other now that Sayid's brother is injured.

The connections continue in the flash sideways...

Locke/ Helen
Jack/ David
Ben/ Alex

Especially with Ben and Alex there is an extreme change in their relationship between the flash-sideways and present time. Of course on the island, Ben let Keamey shoot and kill Alex. However, off the island Ben helped Alex to get a reccomendation letter for Yale.

Do you think the flash-sideways is a chance to find a lost-love or rekindle a realtionship that didn't work out the first time around?

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