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What is the Island? by jsalad1508

First...let me apologize if this theory is already out there. I haven't seen it, but I also haven't spent a ton of time searching either.

I think the Island is the Garden of Eden. Remember when Locke said to Sayid "what if you could have anything your heart desires?" Didnt that sound a lot like Adam & Eve? And the fact that Locke way back in season one called the bones "our very own Adam and Eve?"

The Garden of Eden is all about sin and mankind's wrongdoings. This ties into that conversation with Jacob and MIB...MIB is discouraged that jacob keeps bringing people to the island (Eden) and it always ends the same. They come, they fight, they corrupt. jacob just calls it progress.

I also think...now that Dogen has talked about how every man has a scale, one good, the other evil. And it's all about how balanced they are. Is it possible that Jacob and MIB are basically the good and evil within all of us? MIB is like the snake in the apple? And the rules of this game are quite clear...you cant make anyone do anything, it's all their free will. And MIB is trying to say to Jacob...even when given a choice, these people continue to do the same thing. Whatever happened, happened.

I think we're so close...and last night was a great episode! I am so confident that we'll be happy with how this whole thing ends. We'll get just enough to be satisfied, and just enough left to question and debate for eternity...just like Jacob and MIB!

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