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During Season Six, we've been seeing the Alternate Universe, a timeline that's free from Jacob's interference. For most, it seems that their lives have taken a turn for the better. Jack's got a son and has resolved his issues with his dad somewhat, Locke's getting married, Hurley's the luckiest guy in the world, Sayid's trying to better himself, but what's up with Kate? She's still a fugitive on the run. She basically has the same past, and was on the plane with the same marshall under the same circumstances. Now, Kate isn't one of the mentioned candidates but Jacob touched her just like everyone else. Somewhere it said she was number 51 or something. She also doesn't seem to be playing on a particular side this season. Could she possibly be the unsung hero of the show? I'm not a Kate fan at all by the way, I was hoping she'd bite it last week, but I also remember hearing the season 1 DVD that Kate was or! iginally supposed to be the hero of the show because they were gonna kill Jack in the first episode. These are just observations, but it would be cool for the writers to throw Kate a good storyline this year. Maybe she'll be Jacob's ace in the hole. Thoughts?

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