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If you have ever read 1984 written by George Orwell one would know that there is a battle in the book. A battle between good and evil. A battle for utopia versus dystopia. Being as it may that in the end, Winston(main character)falls to big brother/ministry(bad people...) one thinks to himself well...that’s it evil has prevailed and good has lost. Though right before the book ends Winston admits his love for big brother. my point in connecting the show with the book is the following: The people who live in big brothers society deem him the greatest man and serve him to know end while Winston wants to rebel under the views of Goldstein and his rebellion. I theorize that Jacob is like big brother and MIB is like Goldstein. Now i know it sounds farfetched but here me out. The reason why i think big brother is like Jacob is because as said in the past few episodes Jacob has been wrong and not to be trusted, by Alpe! rt and MIB. I’m trying to say that Jacob isn’t the good guy; he was led up to be the good guy. and if you defied him you were to stay on the island forever. a good guy isn’t a good guy if he is led up to be the good guy when others know that the things he has done in the past clearly weren’t good. now when MIB killed Jacob it made you think...oh the good guy is gone...when in fact the good guy is MIB. the reason MIB killed all those people at the temple was because they believed Jacob to be the good guy. and now MIB/Goldstein are leading a rebellion and so Jacob/big brother is just getting in the way. Jacob/big brother s in charge of the island and so he needs people to replace him and follow his lead so he brings them there gets them to believe he is the good guy and then never lets them leave the island...good guy... i think not. i hope you guys like my theory it still needs a little work thanks.

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