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I was just thinking.....
remember last season when Richard said , "I saw them all die"

I was thinking , perhaps he wasn't referencing the incident.I believe that we will see one more time flash. I think that every time the island is moved it submerges and reemerges . The "cork" hinted at represents preventing events from the world ending ,the island is only on the surface when it is needed to be ( in the ALT the world doesn't currently need the island so it is submerged . I believe the black rock is in the middle of the jungle from one of the times it reemerges(or smokey placing it there). I believe the new flash will show the true time converge ( not the incident ,prior to the incident) that caused all the changes in the ALT and we will see Rose and Bernard go to the caves to die when the island submerges (bones of nadlers lie deep in the cave) . Things we should be trying to figure out:
a. where did Ben learn about the wheel?(Richard obviously didn't know due to his reaction to Locke when he was travelling.
b.we see the numbers, we see the candidates, and the valenzetti equation. how are we trying to change the equation?

sorry for rambling

OH when Richard says I saw you all die , he is referring to events we haven't seen in the future leading to the final time flash.

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