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Adam and Eve are....... by Mark

I’ve been giving some thought to the identities of Adam and Eve and I think I might have a fairly educated guess as to who they might be. If we believe Darlton when they have said that there will be no more time travel in this season it is pretty much impossible for Adam and Eve to be any of our current Losties. Without time travel no one that is currently on the island will be able to die in a time that pre dates the crash and in turn appear as skeletons in the caves when our losties first arrive there…… Well no one except……

I noticed something very interesting that MIB said to Alpert in last nights Richard centric episode. He said, referring to Jacob, “He stole my body”. I think this was actually true. I think that we will see in a later episode that Jacob somehow either killed or banished MIB from his body and in the process he either survived as or was forced into the form of the smoke monster.

I think Jacob then placed his body in the cave to rest along side MIBs (and possibly his own) Mother who Flocke mentioned having issues with in the previous episode Recon. How her death would have come about I have no idea but I’m sure this will be addressed when we see more of MIB/Jacobs back story - right now I would hazard a guess that MIB himself had something to do with it.

To support this theory further I would like to point out that the white and black stones in the pockets of the skeletons are obviously integral to the MIB/Jacob feud and add weight to the idea that Adam and Eve are heavily linked with them rather than our losties.

This theory would also fit Darlton’s promise that once we know the identities of Adam and Eve we would have proof that they have always known where the story was heading. If the skeletons turn out to be MIB and his/Jacobs Mother then we will have reasonable evidence that the writers had already conceived these characters way back in Season 1.

Anyway, I’m loving this final season of LOST and look forward to your response to this theory.

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