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I'm a long time viewer and reader of theories on this site but this is my first theory post. Although it does touch on theories expressed in the past, I think I have new evidence to back it up.

So, here goes... I am now very convinced that the Man In Black is "good" and Jacob is "evil". The first thing to really set this line of thought of was the scene in Ab Aeterno where Richard's (dead) wife describes seeing "the devil" and that his "eyes were full of pure evil" (or something along those lines). From then on I paid close attention to Jacob's and the Man In Black's eyes to see if I could read the essence of emotion behind them. In my opinion the Man In Black actually has very kind sympathetic eyes and also seems in his body language to be frustrated at the situation he is in, more specifically the way that the islanders tend not to believe him and on first impressions judge him to be "evil". When looking into Jacob's eyes however, I found them to be cold, quite emotionless and with an essence of evil (I know that this is personal conjecture on my part but stay with me). Jacob also in his body language (especially in the Ab Aeterno episode) seems very manipulativ! e and devil like (almost like a mischievous imp like creature).

To expand on this theory... in the famous beach scene with Man In Black and Jacob are discussing the new arrivals on the Black Rock, Man In Black's opinion that "they come, they destroy (and so on", is his opinion on people who arrive to the island. NOT ON HUMANITY AS A WHOLE. He doesn't express any wish to destroy humanity, just Jacob. Also if it is true that the Man In Black can assume the form of those that have died, it is possible that he has been guiding the Losties by doing this in the name of good, not evil (I'm thinking particularly of appearances of Boone and even Jacob to Hurley, as Jacob IS dead) and if this isn't the case, then Jacob's manipulation of people's lives can definitely be seen as an "evil act". Also the show's makers have confirmed that it could indeed be possible that Man In Black is telling the truth and Jacob is lying.

I hope this theory has been concise and close to what I have been thinking in my head. Of course I could be completely wrong, but Lost IS all about twists. Would be great to hear what people think.

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