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OK So now we know that when "Locke" instructed Richard to go into the jungle, heal his gun shot wound and tell him that in order to save the island he will have to die, it was not real locke but MIB. This is nicely clarified on lostpedia's Locke or Richard Alpert pages.

So, MIB orchestrated the losties return and he wanted Locke to die so he could take his body. But, how did he know Locke's dead body would be sent back to the island? It had to be or he couldn't take Lockes form. Eloise was the one who told Jack to bring Locke's body back to the Island - she said he would be a proxy - so did she do that for MIB?

My theory is Eloise and Widmore parted ways. Possibly because of his affair with Penny's mom, but maybe also because of a difference in loyalties, maybe Eloise decided she no longer wanted to follow Jacob and she became a MIB devotee.

Also, in this last episode Jacob gives MIB the white rock as a gift. Well, when MIB took Sawyer to the cave he took the white rock off the scale saying it was an inside joke - but, now we know the rock was his - so we can assume the cave was his. The cave being his, the names carved into the walls crossed out with coresponding numbers were also his. So, either he was trying to work out what Jacob was up to or he too is following the losties progress possibly looking for a replacement of his own. Was he lying to Sawyer?

The thing about MIB is he has repeatedly not lied on the show. While the others are always telling versions of stories, he tells the truth. He told Kate he sent Sawyer to Hydra Island. He openly admits to being the black smoke - he confessed killing everyone in the temple to the remaining others, and back in the 1800s he told Richard he was the smoke when he knew Richard had seen him murder the officers of the black rock. He admitted to Kate that he told Claire she had taken Aaron and so on.

Which leads me to my last "thing i've noticed." I do not think MIB or Jacob are always responsible for the dead people appearing on the Island - I say this because MIB saw the child covered in blood - and neither Jacob or MIB seemed to be Richard's wife.

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