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What if... In the "ALT" timeline we meet Daniel Faraday, a brilliant scientist, who plays with the concept of electromagnetic energy and its effects on time. The electromagnetic energy takes a toll on him, however, and he begins to progressively get mentally ill.

Like Dr. Jekyll and Hyde, Faraday begins to develop a sort of split personality, due to the effects of long term temporal displacement.

In the ALT, he meets all the characters we have known throughout the series: Jack, Locke, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Jin, etc.

He accidentally transports himself back in time into an alternate universe and cannot get his mind back to his own alternate universe. He figures out that he needs "Constants", people he met during his life to help his mind get jolted back to his own dimension.

However, he is stranded on the Island by himself, and throughout the centuries, he begins to develop a communion with the Island, endowing him with strange powers that only seem to make his mental illness worse. Soon, his mind splits into two personalities: one inherently good, and one inherently evil.

Faraday compiles a list of 108 Candidates, people he has met in his alternate universe life. He begins to bring these 108 people to the Island, and "scans" them, to see if they will be able to jolt his mind back to his own world.

Now, in the last season, Faraday's last hope is down to two very hopeful Candidates: Jack, the Neurosurgeon who tried to fix the mental illness in his brain, and Hurley, the millionaire who funded his research.

If these two Candidates can't help Faraday get back to his own universe, then the evil personality (MIB) will take over the good (Jacob), and all will be lost.


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