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Hurley doesn't see dead people by Sweetpea2720

My theory is that Hurley doesn't see dead people, he sees people from the sideway's universe.

If I'm not mistaken the first "dead" person Hurley saw was Charlie in the season 4 premier and Charlie said that he was dead but he was also here. I believe he meant that he was dead in the island time line but alive in the sideways universe.

In Something Nice Back Home Hurley gives Jack a message from Charlie, it would be easy to say that it was obvious that Charlie didn't have a clear memory of the island in L AX but he might have by the time that Hurley saw him in the season 4 premiere and by the end of season 4.

In the season 4 finale Sayid comes to get Hurley from Santa Rosa and finds him playing chess seemingly by himself but Hurley says he was playing with Mr. Ecko, I believe this could be another instance of Hurley communicating with someone from the sideways universe.

In the scene in season 5 where Hurley is driving a comatose Sayid around and Ana stops him I believe this could be another instance, if that were the case if would make her statement that Libby says hi a little less cruel.

If my theory were correct what does that say for Hurley's visions of Jacob? Could he be interacting with a Jacob from a parallel universe?

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