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I was re-watching Dr. Linus and noticed an easter egg. When Ben was going thru Sawyers tent on the beach he picked up the porno magazine. If you pause and watch it closely you will see the words "View Mirrors" in the bottom left hand corner of the magazine. I believe that it is a clue to which side they will be on. Here is an explination.

So far in every episode we have seen the characters looking into a mirror. When Jack was on the plane in episode one he looked in the mirror and saw a cut on his neck. His reflection was shown on the left side of the screen and his real self was on the right. When Kate was at the garage getting her hanfcuffs cut off she went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. It showed her reflection on the right and her real self on the left. When Locke was holding Jacks business card he was and about to call him he was looking in the mirror with reflection on the right and real self on ! the left. In Sayids episode he walked up to Nadia`s house where you could see his reflection in her door. He was standing on the right with his reflection shown on the left. In Dr. Linus Ben was cooking some food in the microwave and we could see his reflection on the left and he is on the right. My point is this, I believe that the producers are giving us a subtle clue to which side the candidates are going to be on. We saw that Ben now seems to be going back to jacobs side as well as jack. I also believe that Sayid will turn on MIB and eventually redeem himself somehow since his reflection is on the same side as Ben and Jack. it appears that Kate may wind up being on team Smokie if the relection theory is true but that could just be misdirection too. I am not saying that this is all proof of the sides they take but I do believe that there is something more to the mirror and the reflections. Also the island ELBA that Ben was talking about in his Napolean speach spells A! BLE backwards. Cain & Able?? I really hope this show doesnt wi! nd up be ing about Cain and Able and the garden of eden. Maybe it will be about every religion all in one??? Feel free to comment. Thanks

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