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Jacob ~ Hopeful . MIB ~ Cynical by Sugarbomb

I have been watching lost intently this season hoping not to miss anything and hoping to get the mile long answers to all the questions I have and I guess they all ultimately come back to Jacob and MIB.

From the end of Season 5 I have noticed that most watchers quickly assigned these two characters to a side of Jacod = Good and MIB = evil, but I am resistant in doing this. I also think this is some slight bias from me as I enjoy all the "evil" characters the most Ben, MIB, Sayid, Mr Eko the most..

The ultimate diffence between Jacob and MIB is that Jacob believes people can ultimately be good whilst MIB is resolved on the fact that sin is simply in human DNA. From the history of the island vistors MIB is winning on the tally of humans commiting sins. Whether this means one represents evil and the other is good, i'm not convinced.

The difference between these two is simply HOPE...

I get the impression that these two are ultimatly doing the same job in protecting the island, but MIB is more of a cynic so does not have the patience to wait for the island visitors to prove they can become good, as he believes they will eventually do an action which will prove that humans will always commit sins. I also think this is why, when MIB was having the conversation about Locke with Ben he showed geniune admiration for Locke as he had the potential to be "good"

The MIB does not cause people to become evil on the island, merely provoking someone is not an excuse to commit an evil act.

This season the struggle between Jacob and MIB reminds me of the film Dogma - where the angels want to return home to prove God wrong. But in this case MIB wants to go home but Jacob is still trying to prove his point, I also think that this is why Jacob betrayed MIB by taking his mortal body in some sort of venegance for MIB wanting to leave but him not be ready to leave...

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