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Jacob/MIB & Jack/Locke by dunmif

Has anybody else noticed that Jack/Locke conflict is very similar to Jacob/MIB conflict?

I mean, they both share different vantage points. Jack was a man of science, Locke a man of faith.
Jacob was a man of free will, MIB a man of fate.

And to make things more interesting, in the first three seasons, Jack/Locke conflict was very similar to what has been going on between Jacob and MIB all this time.
Yes, Locke is dead now and Jack had turned into a man of faith so you'd think this theory is pointless now BUT follow me here:
The reasons for Jacob and MIB's conflict was that Jacob said that people have free will etc while MIB said that people sin and its in their nature. Second part of the conflict is that Jacob cared about the Island, guarded it and didn't allow MIB to leave while all that MIB wanted was to leave this damned place.

Same thing went on with Locke and Jack.
Jack had always been a man of science while Locke was a man of faith, saying that everything happens for a reason.
And the second part of the conflict is that for the first four seasons, Locke explored the Island, wanted to be part of it, protect it and to stay there while Jack only wanted to leave and didn't care about anything the Island was. But Locke didn't let him leave. He destroyed everything he could that would allow Jack to leave (radio transmitter, submarine, tried to stop him from calling the freighter as well but failed).

Also, Jack has been more aggressive and angry while Locke has acted calm.

And I know, the ironic response to this theory is that when here I say that Locke might be Jacob then actually MIB has taken the form of Locke in the show.

But that doesn't mean Locke HAS TO become Jacob. Maybe it can be taken as a warning that MIB will get off the island just like Jack did.

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